Ben Heckendorn Interview (Part 1)

Here’s part one of my interview with Ben Heckendorn. Because it’s so long, and I’ve got a cold, I’m breaking it up into a two parter. Check out part 1 here, add the RSS feed to your program of choice, or subscribe to the feed via iTunes.

Ben and I get into most of the questions you guys asked, along with a few tangents. Enjoy!

[The devs are working on the feeds for me, so they’re not quite perfect. yet.]

17 thoughts on “Ben Heckendorn Interview (Part 1)

  1. I listened using Windows Media Player 10. I noticed some slight audio glitching, but nothing that prevented me from hearing what was spoken.

  2. haha will – my question wasn’t that nuts. good call on the book mention – forest mimms’ books are absolutely fantastic. very much worth it.

    -the good steve

  3. WTF? Skype? I thought it was live! I don’t know what’s bothering you guys, I just used Firefox’s quicktime plugin and I had perfect sound!

  4. I love the tangents, the interview sounds like a conversation between two hackers (essentially what it is, I guess), and to me gives a better idea of what’s going on in ben’s head than if he just answered the questions set. I had no problems with the sound playing through iTunes.

  5. There’s something wrong with the XML file that defines your RSS feed. I can’t access any of the items from a PSP !!!!!!!!! Can someone fix this please ?

  6. Hey i have that book. the forest whatever book from radio shack, i got a copy from a friend, its a very nice book.
    Great audio quality, very nice interview.

  7. personally I thought you guys were pretty rude when discussing your readers questions. let’s face it anyone who is asking a question is a pretty dedicated fan, and it seemed like you were just paying them out.

    you spent significant amount of time bagging the wii – I thought nowadays people have stopped bagging future technology, it just too easy for it to come back and bite you in the arse.

    Anyways just my opinion, it’s good to see hack a day using different media forms.

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