Stripboard Drawdio


When we posted about the Drawdio release, mentioned how simple the circuit was and that we wouldn’t be surprised if people adapted it. [Dylski] decided to build it using stripboard and parts he had laying around. He shows how he laid it out on paper so that it would fit on a 29×5 piece. It took some planning, but the end result is a perfectly functional as you can see in the video below.

[via ladyada]

6 thoughts on “Stripboard Drawdio

  1. That has to be the most annoying pencil conceived by man. I would like to purchase these and give them to my friends’ kids.

  2. It’s a great idea and it’d be completely fascinating for 15 minutes, but then I think I’d want to shoot myself in the face. :-) A very neat concept though.

  3. Very cool. Now I can relax on my breakdown of drawdio and copy this. U all should incorporate the pencil lead pictures with conductive ink dots, it sounds much cleaner and u can make little tunes with it.

  4. That’s actually really cool. It always amazes me how people are still figuring out novel uses for the 555 noisemaker all these years later. I bet these are manufactured and sold in Spencers and trucks stops everywhere before too long.

  5. Off topic but I think I went to school with ladyada… I never met her but I remember her from electronics labs. Just kinda freaky to see her blog pop up on had :)

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