Uses for magnets


Sometimes we forget just how useful magnets can be. Sure, we use them in some projects, but usually we just pull them apart for our amusement. Evil mad scientist laboratories reminds us that they can be useful tools. They’ve made a list of 17 uses of magnets. We’re also reminded that magnets can be dangerous. What else can you think of?


  1. gd says:

    Cool. But I’m seeing a lot of f**ls loosing their data for not knowing where their hard disk is on the last trick

  2. cynic says:

    I’ve never seen a laptop that uses magnets for the lid, it’s always been a little switch. Something to look out for I guess.

    Did you just censor the word “fools”? Why the hell would you do that?

  3. The Moogle says:

    ” Besides that, copper wires can have pointy ends and magnets can pinch you.” lol!!!

    I’ve never lost data because of a magnet. I have tried so hard. at worse I was able to crash the heads.
    Why “Fools”? maybe he meant Fucks? Shit I got to watch my damn crappy language

  4. BigD145 says:

    The PowerBook Wallstreet used one in the lid that interacted with a reed switch directly above the hard drive.

  5. Eclecticos says:

    Neodymium magnets are are good for triggering traffic lights, so if you have a bike or small car it could save you allot of time.

  6. Tim says:

    eclecticos: Rubbish. A static magnetic field shouldn’t have any effect on the metal detectors near traffic lights (and gate openers etc.)

    I used to have to go through a gate that didn’t detect bikes very well. Easily fixed by just laying the bike on the ground. Never had the same problem with traffic lights though.

  7. sly says:

    The static magnetic field moved through the inductor coil’s field can sometimes cause enough of a variance that it will trigger the light. You’ll need a rather large magnet though… not the kind they sell at hobby shops.

  8. Steve says:

    All the dell inspiron’s use magnets to detect the screen being shut. the original black berry (RIM 957) used a magnet to detect the holster.

    about the traffic lights though it is off subject ill hit ever notice the broad spectrum of noise that is transmitted from the inductors. it fuzzes all the analog fm channels in my radio. Never tried AM.

    and now the reason i clicked comments. get a few magnetron magnets and play with your kids. they are strong enough to attract each other through most wooden tables. put on under the table and one on top. at the same time you can teach your kid how to avoid all those smashing expereiences you have had as a kid. they also work great for holding your little-ones masterpieces on the fridge.

  9. Wazzup says:

    Magnets are cool and very useful

    I tried to use a magnet from a harddisk to retrieve my keys from a rain-gutter, but damn none of my keys were made from plain old iron.

    I also used these magnets to make a magnetic mountpoint for this small wireless camera which has to be moved around quite a lot.

    And finally I sometimes rub a screwdriver on one of the to make it a bit magnetic to retrieve screws from the intestines of machines.

    No real tricks, but still handy stuff

  10. Wwhat says:

    Cool use is waving it around a harddisk so the uninformed people freak out.
    Or sell it as a medical magic thing to the slow-minded housewives and get rich quick :P

    Incidentally, I like that eddy current vid, it’s cool and also informative for people because theory is often too theoretical to be comprehended as a real thing in real life.

  11. dan says:

    if you swallow a small ferrite magnet, it will lodge in your small intestine and slowly dissolve, imbuing you with incredible magnetic powers.

  12. webcake says:

    the slow fall through the copper tube was awesome.

  13. Justin says:

    I used rare earth magnets to hold my US and European license plates on without visible screws.

  14. Wwhat says:

    I bet that that’s not allowed here, too easy to sneakily change plates.
    Plus people could steal them too easy, or if we all did it swap them, in seconds.
    Not that I personally have a big issue.

  15. J says:

    “SICK DUB” lol.

  16. pooface says:


  17. youjerk99 says:

    this post f***ing sucks! Sh**ty website D**n it!

  18. asa says:

    asa… olol

  19. asa says:


  20. Amazing Alex says:

    Well, there you go , learnt what a strapline was.

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