Bliplace LED toy

These wearable LED toys called Bliplace are freshly made and headed to Burning Man. They’re pretty much just a sound reactive toy, but [Tanjent] decided to go pretty in depth in the design. They are 1″ wide octagons with 3 super bright LEDs and a microphone. The microphone is sampled at 4400 hz by the ATTiny25v and the signal is split into high and low frequency streams. The center LED is low frequency, the sides are the high. They can run a full week on a battery. He’ll be handing out 350 of them at Burning Man, then releasing the source code, boards, and kits after that.


  1. Hackius says:

    How on earth is he powering them?

  2. Christopher says:

    if you have a look at his flicker site, it shows his design and coin cell batteries.

    i want one; scratch that. i want 100. think of the cool display you could make with a bunch of these. he should be sending a few hackaday’s way, to distribute as they please :D

  3. Arthur says:

    What song is that?

  4. googfan says:

    Who doesnt like blinking lights?…

    just so everyone knows, i had to move my website.

  5. Tanjent says:

    I’ll be camped at Pi Camp, 7:30 and E, if any hackadayers want to come pick one up.

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    I can’t make it to the event, but i’ll be glad to read up on ‘em when the plans get posted.

    I absolutely love stuff like this and hope the creator gets a good view of a crowd with these in it during some live music or loud…anything.

    I’m thinking the effect may be quite nice.

  7. Tanjent says:

    Other notes –

    Bliplaces do automatic gain control and gamma-corrected PWM – the brightness of the LEDs should always match the beat of the sounds around them as long as it’s at least speaking volume.

    ISP pins are broken out to the mounting holes on sides of the board for easier reprogramming.

    If you don’t need the mic, the audio input can handle line-level signals with a minor patch. Future board revs will have separate audio in mounting holes.

    Kits will be around $5 + shipping.

  8. M4CGYV3R says:

    That’s so cool. It’s like hundreds of tiny defcon badges. I need to make some of these.

  9. Foxy says:

    this looks awesome. wonder what it would look like with some rgb leds.

  10. daryl says:


    Very nice project! Can’t wait to get my hands on some kits when they are available.

  11. tanjent says:

    @foxy – you can put rgb leds on them, but you’ll need 4.5 volts instead of 3 volts and you’ll have to adjust the resistor values to match. swapping the power cap with a larger one would also be a good idea.

    i’ll write up a couple configurations pos-BM

  12. Matt says:

    Tanjent I’ll be at Spearmint Dino @ 7:30 and A. Save one for me if you can, I’m not getting in till Wednesday.

  13. napalm says:

    I want these as a full wall display or celing display, its like little stars glimmering. also what is that song?

  14. Foxy says:

    cool, can’t wait to get a kit or 2, or 10. glad to hear rgb leds is possible, although i have no idea what you mean by just having to adjust the resistor values as i am just getting my feet wet with this whole circuits stuff. wish i had realized i liked electrical design and circuits a lot before i went and got a mechanical engineering degree, i’d probably be making something awesome like this project right now if i could.

  15. Foxy says:

    and i’d just like to join the chorus in asking what was that song?

  16. Tanjent says:

    the song is “Bursting” by BassNectar.

  17. Tanjent says:

    @foxy – lol, i have no EE degree, i just started teaching myself electronics a few months ago. this is my first real production product, previously i was just puttering around with arduinos and headphone amplifier circuits. :)

  18. napalm says:

    tanjent, when could we expect some enlightenment on the making of these soon?

  19. Jan says:

    Hi Tanjent, great design! We gotta combine this with the LumiNet lightup suits I made for the playa – see I’ll come by your tent today and leave a couple sample nodes, the designs are quite similar. I’m at HappyLand, 3:30 & G. Sent you a gmail with more details.

    Cheers, Jan

  20. Alice Ralph says:

    These are awesome!! I want to make some!

  21. Ember says:

    Tanjent, thanks for the very cool adornment. It’s a little creepy looking into a mirror while I’m talking to someone — feels like it’s reading my thoughts for all to see.

    I was preparing to fire up my kinetic fire art, The Chaotick, when you came by with a bliplace for me. All in all, a pretty nice evening. Thanks again!

  22. foxy says:

    Any chance we’re going to see a write up on these anytime soon? Can’t find any more info on these things anywhere.

  23. pip says:

    Tanjent’s page is up:

    I’ve gotten a couple kits from Metrix in Seattle.

  24. Lorne says:

    You gave me one of these last year (2009) out on the playa. I must say, it was a treasured gift that resulted in a great deal of fun. Have replaced the battery and will have it again with me this year.

    Thank you for the joy and generosity!

  25. Mark Atwood says:

    I have acquired the very last 30 bliplace kits from Tanjent. They will be available at the “Learn to Solder” table run by Jigsaw Renaissance at the Seattle Maker Faire tomorrow.

  26. Ned Konz says:

    And I have put together another 30 kits, which will be available for $10 each at the Learn to Solder tables run by Jigsaw Renaissance at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire tomorrow and Sunday, March 22-23, 2014 at the EMP Museum. See you there!

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