Tauntaun costume

[Scott Holden] went all out this year and built an amazing Tauntaun costume. The Tauntaun from Star Wars was massive,  standing 8 feet tall, and usually carrying a rider. [Scott] wanted to make it the correct size, and ultimately pulled it off. He had to build custom stilts to get the leg angle correct as drywall stilts were too straight. The rest is mainly pvc and fur.  We think he did a fantastic job on this. The effect is quite nice, and we can imagine that in person it is even better.

Take note at the bottom of page 3. Apparently, he got pinned in the costume in his workshop and almost had to spend the night on the floor in the costume. That’s pretty wild, at least he was warm.

[via makezine]


  1. nave.notnilc says:

    it doesn’t make tauntaun noises! :(

  2. chicosoft says:

    The way it is filmed is strange…

  3. Skitchin says:

    It’s clearly an homage to bunny the tap dancing transvestite

    Shouldn’t he be wearing a helmet while wearing stilts…? XD Now I dun it

  4. HIrudinea says:

    Nice job but does it stink when you cut it open? (Well mabye after wearing it all day in the summer. :)

  5. Risu says:

    Anybody else think about Robot Chicken after seeing this?

  6. taylor says:

    “drywall stilts were to strait.”


    I don’t normally harp on editing, but wow, just wow.


  7. jpl says:

    Or, just wear the similarly-styled sleeping bag:


    Yes, I said sleeping bag.

    (Nice work, tho – I’ll start on my wampa outfit.)

  8. Benny M says:

    Oh wow, that is awesome. Two thumbs up.

  9. Modembug says:

    This guy has to get all the chicks! Has to….

  10. toogood says:

    now cut it open with the light saber and get inside to keep warm. jk

  11. bill hates says:


  12. Whatnot says:

    He should flesh out the flanks where the legs muscles are suppose to be with some (not-too) flexible foam.

  13. dan says:

    @ Skitchin
    That was tasteless. Thanks :-(

  14. Anthony says:

    Er, SHE-MALES folder on the taskbar??

  15. Iv says:

    Meanwhile, in Japan, the same kind of costume is made using mechatronics/exosqueleton : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO4LYs_cXbc

  16. Amos says:

    It’s quite interesting in an extremely “nerd-with-too-much-time-and-money-on-hand” kind of way :P

    But to /really/ waste time/money, it definitely needs:

    1) Those sounds Evan mentioned
    2) Those foam-padded legs Whatnot mentioned
    3) Animatronic head (eyes, nostrils, neck, and all)
    4) Animatronic (or at least not “hanging limply”) front legs (arms?)

  17. That’s pretty cool. Would love to wear something like that to a costume party.

  18. My buddy told me to look this up… Totally worth it. This is pretty awesome costume. Thanks for posting.

  19. Tomasz says:

    Some of the creatures costumes in the movie Labyrinth were made in a similar fashion :) Well done!

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