Tauntaun Costume


[Scott Holden] went all out this year and built an amazing Tauntaun costume. The Tauntaun from Star Wars was massive,  standing 8 feet tall, and usually carrying a rider. [Scott] wanted to make it the correct size, and ultimately pulled it off. He had to build custom stilts to get the leg angle correct as drywall stilts were too straight. The rest is mainly pvc and fur.  We think he did a fantastic job on this. The effect is quite nice, and we can imagine that in person it is even better.

Take note at the bottom of page 3. Apparently, he got pinned in the costume in his workshop and almost had to spend the night on the floor in the costume. That’s pretty wild, at least he was warm.

[via makezine]

20 thoughts on “Tauntaun Costume

  1. It’s quite interesting in an extremely “nerd-with-too-much-time-and-money-on-hand” kind of way :P

    But to /really/ waste time/money, it definitely needs:

    1) Those sounds Evan mentioned
    2) Those foam-padded legs Whatnot mentioned
    3) Animatronic head (eyes, nostrils, neck, and all)
    4) Animatronic (or at least not “hanging limply”) front legs (arms?)

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