XBox 360 DVD Region Hack

[XanTium] sent this in a few days ago, but I thought you guys would dig it. Here are the details straight from his email:

Hackers on the XBH forums managed to change DVD key and Game Region Code in the Xbox 360 ‘Key Vault’ (that stores on flashchip: console certificate(s), per-box private keys, DVD key, however NOT any code-related encryption keys).
However you should know the ‘Key Vault’ is encrypted with the per-xbox360 ‘CPU key’, so that means this hack is only possible on Hypervisor exploitable Xbox360s (kernel 4532 and 4548) for now. You will of course also have to read/flash the Xbox360 flashchip (by desoldering it and read/flash it with programmer or for example use the versatile Infectus dev chip)

You can read up on some more details here or get a login and check out the actual forum thread. The end result: play EU games on your US 360. (It doesn’t sound like the DVD movie region has been successfully changed, but modded DVD players are easy to make.)

7 thoughts on “XBox 360 DVD Region Hack

  1. i agree with #1.

    but, this is a good hack. other than the fact that you have to desolder/flash/resolder even though we all could do that with ease. but where to get a cheap programmer?

  2. my 4 yr/old maxtor 160gb diamondmax plus just died…

    upon further inspection i see burned out caps on the underside :o – anyone have a replacement power board for it?!

    Manchester, UK… – will pay of course!

    I also agree with post 1 :D – very long beta :D

    Chris L

  3. I don’t know about you guys, and girls, but I personally boycott forums and websites who make registering mandatory just to view images, and forum posts. It’s a like a nasty little marketing gimmick spam.

    You can probably find more technical forums and mailing lists on reverse engineering the firmware anyway. I find discovering software bugs in embedded devices just as intriguing as the next person, but screw registering just to read a forum, the information isn’t -that- significant.

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