Weekly Roundup 12/10/11

In case you missed them the first time, here are our most popular posts from the past week.

In first place is a post that made our mothers’ wash our mouths out with soap. It is a periodic table of swearing!

Up next is a post about a micromouse robot that can run a maze faster than you would think is possible. Watch out lab rats, it’s gunning for your job.

Are regular violins too low tech? Would you rather play an instrument that could survive a few minutes with Chuck Norris and still keep playing the sweetest melodies? [Ken] created a violin out of carbon fiber that fits the bill.

Want to brake some aluminum? (or bend for the white collar folks out there.) In this post, you can see [Rupert’s] build where he has created a metal brake out of little more than bamboo and some hinges.

Last but not the least is [Zach’s] build that changes the brightness of his Christmas tree lights based on the pitch of the notes from the Star Wars theme.

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