Batarangs For The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is out now, and [Christian] over at MakeIt Labs decided to show up everyone at this year’s Halloween party with these custom made Batarangs.

After the Batarangs were plasma cut out of 11-gauge steel, [Rob] beveled the trailing edges of the wing, powder coated them, and sharpened them with a grinder and a diamond stone. Yes, these Batarangs are probably much better weapons than the on-screen logo shaped shuriken, but it’s questionable how useful they are compared to perfectly balanced CGI weaponry. They’re a really awesome looking build perfect for this year’s Halloween costume.

One small word of warning for all the commentors: We know a few of you have already seen the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, but posting any spoilers will result in a member of the Hackaday team hunting you down and savagely beating you. Also, given the shooting at the premier in Aurora, Colorado you probably don’t want to bring weapons – even prop ones – to a movie theatre.

You can check out the making of video for [Christian]’s Batarangs after the break.


[Thanks Christian]

39 thoughts on “Batarangs For The Dark Knight Rises

      1. Yeah Aaron, the best way to defuse a situation involving a “crazed” gunman is give more people guns… That’s like saying the best way to put out a fire is with petrol (Gasoline)… :/

      2. @joe – Yeah, because criminals (who obviously care deeply about the law and wouldn’t get unregistered gun via less official channels) need the safety provided by strict gun control. Check crime rates in Switzerland, where almost every household has at least one automatic weapon (AFAIK they get to keep it after mandatory military service). Or Austria, where gun law are also very friendly.

      3. @aaron re your thoughtless reply to Ted

        He was wearing body armor gasmask and a helmet. You would have to fire through a theater full of panicing people. You would pretty much be gaunenteed to hit a innocent person. The answer to violence is not more violence. You really are a sick person.

      4. Yea, because that’s just what they needed, another (or several) idiot(s) affected by teargas shooting wildly at the first idiot who was wearing body armor, a gas mask and helmet and also shooting wildly at random people…

        All while everyone else in the full theater is panicking and running for the exits. Not to mention the ones in the other theater next to it who had no idea what was going on and were locked inside while bullets were coming through the walls…

        Yep, great idea there Einstein.

      5. If I’d have been heeled at the theater I’d have returned fire. Supposedly the punk was wearing body armor too though. I guess I’d have had to have gone for a head shot. Just to even up the odds I might have had to grab myself a human shield too. What the hey, they’re going to get shot anyways, but at least they could be useful doing it.

      6. I would have to say you are incorrect.
        The shooter was wearing body armor including a ballistic helment and used smoke and or tear gas in the attack. Not to mention he was armed with an AR-15, shotgun, and two pistols. At best you would be dead quickly at worst you would have shot a bystander.
        Now if you are a member of the special forces, an experienced infantryman, or a well trained member of a SWAT team you might have a small chance with a pistol if you where lucky. At least your odds of hitting a bystander would be very low.

      1. @Aaron and @Judeon

        The vast majority of civilians have not had any firearm training in stressful situations, they would choke and end up shooting an innocent bystander… I don’t care who you are, no civilian should ever take matters like these (Colorado shooting) into their own hands, especially when the lives of MANY others are in the balance.

        The fact that you think you’re so great with a gun is more dangerous to everyone around you than the original douche who started shooting up the place… Besides, either of you would probably be too busy pissing yourself out of fear to shoot back.

    1. Oh, yes, of course — two long arms and two handguns just toddled into a theater all by themselves and shot a dozen people dead. No human agency involved. And certainly someone who’d do something like this would never, for example, tuck a timed gasoline bomb under his seat and chain the theater doors shut on his way out.

      1. You have a sick mind. I think the guns helped this guy more than just a bit to commit this atrocity. He shouldn’t have been allowed to get get guns. No one should, unless you need them in order to hunt for food. even then there far better ways of hunting than guns.

  1. They look very nice indeed, a step up from the shaken one use to do (secretly of course) at shop class at school. (Sho Kosugi was at his peak at the time) Two throws at the wall and the tips would bend, rendering them useless. Maybe for the better.

    I am sad to hear that some crazy guy killed a lot of people at the cinema last night, I do not see any connection to these homemade movie-props though, as some of you other commenters seems to do.

  2. When working with a medium that allows time shifting coincidences are bound to happen. The chances of anyone directly affected seeing this hackaday entry and being offended is pretty slim, I think. Those who would return America to a time that really didn’t exist often play the “if” game. No doubt there are plenty of ifs with this tragedy. As for as the post itself goes I’d give it 2.5 stars, Nice finished project, but nothing newfor me to learn.

  3. I would advise not sharpening these – be satisfied with a slight bevel. Take it from a guy who made exactly the same project a few years back and had a brief experience with the police, a pair of handcuffs, and a lecture about trying to be a superhero only to end up cut up into pieces and stuffed into the mountains.

  4. I find it funny that a group of people acquainted with how easy it is to get CNC machines and cad files online think that gun control will be effective in reducing gun violence. Especially given that most of that violence is from organized gangs who are already producing illegal items in their backyards. There are likely people who’d love the additional revenue gun sales would generate once they’re fully black market.

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