Sliding Gopro Rig For Timelapse


This week I released a project for LIFE. involving a timelapse rig.

After seeing this super simple timelapse egg timer we had earlier this week, I wanted to have a try at doing a “no tools required” rig for moving timelapse.  I used an egg timer to pull it along a table.  It wasn’t perfect but it worked. Admittedly not as well as if I had just pulled out a teensy and a geared motor, but still ok.


9 thoughts on “Sliding Gopro Rig For Timelapse

  1. It’s amazing how one toy can be so versatile that people will continue to use it for decades. I’ve been using Legos since the mid-70’s, and I’m still amazed by all of the creative new ideas that people come up with.

  2. nice job, but tell me,
    1- Why should we use a gopro for timelapses when any digital camera can do better picture quality at a lower price
    2- Why shoud we do timelapses of FISH ???

    1. 1. I don’t care what camera you use. but I used a gopro, my point and shoot does not have a timelapse function.
      2. I don’t care what you do a timelapse OF. I did my aquarium because I think it is fun to watch the snails and shrimp.

      I was just showing how to make an easy moving rig for you to use filming whatever with your camera of choice.

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