the cryo mouse

cryo mouse

we’re not really sure why, but some people told us they wanted to be frozen for the next 4 years. any hoo, you can’t do that yet, but you can put a lego guy in your mouse and make it a little tiny cryo container complete with LED so your plastic pal can rip can winkle it away while you mouse in to the future.


  1. russdogg says:

    i remember this one. Pretty pimp. It’s be cool to make a cavman/woolly mamoth frozen in there.

  2. Typo in post title? “Cyro” –> “Cryo”!

  3. mike schleif says:

    sites down!

    damn, looks like a cool idea any more tidbits to offer?

  4. Yerxa says:

    I want to do this…. now to learn how to hook the power up…

  5. MICah buckley-farlee says:

    It looks like the LED is just directly soldered onto the board. jumpers would also work.

  6. Shuushin says:

    one of those little fake fur mice would be very [kewl]…

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