paper enigma machine


the enigma machine was invented in 1918 by arthur scherbius in berlin, it was, at the time a great way to encode messages, well, until it got beat. but now you can make one out of paper.

is there anything pdfs can’t do?

this machine is compatible with the original 3-rotor german enigma used during world war ii.  for simplicity it omits the “ring settings” and plug board, but the primary workings of the machine are captured in this model.  great as an educational tool, or just for fun!


  1. bb says:

    once youve got your enigma machine working, give it a try on the geek challenges

    one of the levels requires you to do an enigma decoding.

  2. Or, if you think you’re hot decoding stuff, give my own code a wack. If you manage to decode it, there’s a prize!

  3. Antoine says:

    And if you prefer hardware to paper :) take a look at the Enigma-E (the Electronic Enigma device)

  4. Andrew yeomans says:

    Another paper+CD-case one-rotor Enigma machine can be found at
    (who also sell the electronic Enigma-E).
    There’s a detailed review on

  5. A nice enigma machine applet –

  6. Dirk says:

    take a peek on these pages for an award winning Enigma sim:

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