hackaday monday sipping

monday sipping

ahhh, good morning readers! new week, new stuff! get out your venti latte from starbucks, you’re gonna need it for what i have planned. so brace yourself fools.
the big news: very first hackaday meetup(s) in philadelphia, pa
where: rittenhouse square. 18th and walnut sts. middle of the park, just look for me with gizmos and hacking stuff.
when: thursday, june 16th -  7:30pm EST. probably until 9pm or so. don’t be tardy because after awhile we might move it into a place for dinner/liquor/discussions. but not anytime before 8pm at least.
what to expect: me going over the cvs digital camcorder hack, talking about hackaday, plans, the next podcast, we’ll be recording stuff for the next podcast too and taking pics (bring your cameras!). also, any hacks you want to talk about, just come along with them and we’ll open the floor to you to speak about it. we’ll all be discussing hacker lifestyle, culture, findings, and news. also the movie hackers. bring your laptops too since rittenhouse has tons of open wi-fi.
rules: not many except i expect all of you who show up to be polite, kind, friendly, and to introduce yourselves. i will not tolerate any kind of rudeness/offensiveness/hate. we’ll tie you down and make you become the next goatse.

any questions, e-mail me personally.

speaking of goatse, eliot is having a meeting too! here’s the details for his:
where: Bison Witches in Lincoln, NE. look for him wearing a goatse t-shirt. yes, you read right.
when: thursday, june 16th – 7:00 CST until whenever eliot says. again, tardiness is frowned upon.
what to expect: eliot looking for feedback, discussions on hacks, you can bring a hack you’ve done to talk about it and showcase it. a demonstration of the 10-minute WEP cracking demo. bring your ideas, discussions, laptops, and hacks he says.
rules: same stuff. we expect all of you who show up to be polite, kind, friendly, and to introduce yourselves. i will not tolerate any kind of rudeness/offensiveness/hate.

any questions about this meetup, e-mail eliot personally.

now, the big question is: “well i don’t live near those places! can’t i have a hackaday meeting?!!”
answer: of course you can. however, until the next batch of meetings, we can’t post them in a post (use the comments for now) and they will not be official so we can’t condone them at all. but i highly reccomend having one in a city near you in a very public spot so people can join up! unite!

so get giddy and excited. im busy this week, but i know i’ll be very excited come thursday night when i see all of you show up. i also expect tons of feedback and comments so let’s see this post become filled to the top with comments!

aside from the meetings, some other cool stuff to check out while you finish that donut:
great hack for the sony-ericsson k750i on a great cellphone forum! [kevinN]
make yourself a bitchin white-LED flashlight. [boomBOX]
more can cooling action for your pc and soda/booze [joe]
tiger for x86 was said to be floating around


  1. eleongonzales says:

    I want that OSX for x86… I’ll be in boston 14-17 if anyone is going to be around let me know… eleongonzales_@_(SPAM_ME_AND_DIE)_gmail(dot)com

  2. ccrook says:

    Damn, bad timing. Tonight is my high school graduation, otherwise I’d definately stop by. Hell, I’d have brought my CVS camcorder, IR webcam, spinning graduation cap, homebrew tazer, and hard drive speaker…

    Let me know when the next one is and I’m definately there.

  3. Bob says:

    Why do you have a “Vlaamse leeuw”/”Flemish lion” tatoo? That’s the symbol of Flanders(Belgium).

  4. It’s not a symbol. It’s the letters ATR for ATARI TEENAGE RIOT. Yeah, Im that cyberpunk.

    And the meeting is not tonight post #2, it is THURSDAY. So hopefully you can still make it.

  5. Brandon says:

    I’ll be there. And I called the cvs camcorder hack…can’t wait to see it! I have a great camera right now but i wouldnt mind a decent ‘cheap’ camcorder!

  6. Rob campman says:

    Great idea, only i cant make it. It’s a 14 hour trip for me since i live in holland. Any Dutch people here?

    I’d like to pimp up and automate my chicken’s coop. already build myself an incubator, but now my coop needs a little tinkering. Anybody any ideas for this?

  7. ccrook says:

    Wow, it’s way too early…

    I’ll see if I can make it then

  8. christian watson says:

    too bad i’ll be at Hershey Park on Thursday. maybe i’ll stop by another time….

  9. dephyler says:

    anyone in boston?

  10. Lordkaio says:

    Dammit, it’s about a 4 hour drive for me and I have work on Friday :-( Dammit again.

  11. captian says:

    I think that the whole meeting should be recorded and then the video loaded up here so the people who couldn’t otherwise make it, can still see what happened. I know I’d like that.

  12. rory says:

    Is there an age restriction? Like, 16+?

  13. rory says:

    Is there an age restriction? Like, 16+?

  14. Yes, I’ll be bringing a video camera to video tape it. However it won’t help much since I don’t have a tripod anymore so someone will have to film it. Anyone else can bring a video camera too.

  15. No age restrictions at all! That’s absurd. Anyone of any age/race/religion/creed is allowed! No restrictions. Also, if you wanna promote this meeting by linking directly to the post, that’d be great. Get the word out you mercenaries.

  16. strazz says:

    i’m in the boston area… lowell is more like it – i work at the university here UMass of Lowell and could reserve a room (with enough jacks for internet connect/wifi) if needed…. email me if anyone is interested… strazz_AT_gmail_DOT_com

  17. strider_mt2k says:

    I’m across the bridge aways in Atco.
    If I didn’t have plans made already I’d be there in a heartbeat.

    I’d love to bring some of my toy hacks to show off too. Maaaan. :(

  18. chul says:

    hey i live in philly. i love your hacks. i love you.

  19. ryan says:

    vince, theres no “e” in truly. sorry, but it’s a major pet peeve.

    anybody live in the northern california/bay area? maybe we could have our own meeting.

  20. Che! Digitz says:

    I have a punk ass tripod and a nice camera, i could definately film it.

  21. darkk says:

    Anyone plan on hosting the video for us unlucky people who cant make it?

    I live in south jersey so its only like a 1 hour drive to philly but I have to be in class at 7:00AM for finals on friday :(

  22. i don’t wanna hear it about finals! I lived in south jersey and I did my finals after partying! You get over to this meeting! It’s only going to be about 90 minutes long. You can grab some grub too.

  23. UnEmploymentDude says:

    Man, This Sorta Sux, Any One Live In The OC Area Of California? I’m In Santa Ana. And I’d Bring My Camera-Taser Hackthing, Yes Its A Little Old, But When I Made It I Didnt Have A Tutorial.

  24. strazz says:

    in reply to #20 – I can host it on my club volleyball site… no realy traffic since it’s the summer – just make sure you send me a vidoe who ever does it to strazz_AT_gmail_DOT_com

  25. Drakonite says:

    Shame when something halfway interesting is actually going to be in lincoln I can’t show up.

    But seriously man… a goatse t-shirt?

  26. superlevel says:

    too bad i’m poor and my mom is evil…otherwise i would be there. i know you said there is no age restrictions, but that may be somewhat a wise choice in future outings so you don’t have a bunch of 13 year olds bumming rides (although I would most likly fly and not have my car… :)

  27. skab says:

    ~dang! I thought I could make it, but I got hs graduation and I haven’t got in enough trouble to get kicked out of it yet! I gotta say this going to be a monumental event. I won’t be suprised if this film will be all over the internet and maybe someday made into a show (is that a good thing?).
    ~I was wondering if the completly awesome people who run this thing ever read comments on old post. Just wondering.

  28. John F says:

    boston area definately needs to have a meeting. The MIT area is always fun since the Wifi is free!… and the fact that it’s MIT.

  29. Nano2x says:

    I noticed that the phone number for the podcasts is a (206), and I was wondering, since that is a Seattle area code, if some of you were from Seattle and wanted to get together.

  30. Phantom Bantam says:

    Providence anyone? July or august? But, who knows. Perhaps I could go to the boston meet-up.

  31. some dude says:

    You’re not gonna try to slip us some roofies and butt rape us, are you?

  32. inh says:

    SoCal meetup anyone? As in LA or around. Im in the San Fernando valley and would love to get somethign together over here on the west coast.

  33. DNordbak says:

    I’m down in the South OC area, San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan, Mission Viejo. But I don’t really have many hacks, and I’d be going more just to have a good time.

  34. strat says:

    a meetup sounds great, sadly i cant make it because i have class. mbe next time. hack somethign for me! –strat

  35. pug says:

    anyone wanna drive to state college and pick me up?

  36. x04d says:
  37. Brandon says:

    I have a “hacked” up saturn with “hacked” in audio cables and a “hacked” up gps system

  38. #36,

    Great idea with Google maps. If anybody is reading this (Ill put it up tomorrow too), I’ll be on the west-side of the park torward the hotels/buildings/rittenhouse ethical society building. Meet me over near there.

    Its the opposite end of where the google maps red pointer is. Diagnol Wise.

  39. BM5k says:

    I’m in the boston area, and would like to see something set up for everyone out here. Still thinking about making the trip. Trying to justify driving the 6 hours to PA.

  40. Tweak says:

    Don’t suppose anyone is from the Michigan area? I think that it would be cool to do a traveling hack a day meetup…

  41. whomba says:

    Hey there all this sounds like a great Idea, i live in Buffalo, and wondered if there are any people from B-lo that would want to get in touch

  42. eleongonzales says:

    I’m going to be in Boston july 14-17 so if you want to get a meeting together then i can be there.

  43. MOE282 says:

    Hey – just curious if anyone from Edmonton, Alberta is interested in starting hack-a-day meetings at all? If anyone is interested please contact me at kmosier@ualberta.ca and we can see how many in the area and hopefully get it setup and bring out some neat toys.

  44. Why did I have my last comment erased? :/

  45. Christian, I didn’t find any of your comments deleted. Perhaps you just misplaced it:


  46. ah.. sorry, really my mistake… bad bad eye.. I’ve had a cornea transplant 2 weeks ago…

  47. [sVen] says:

    does any one feel like flying to the other side of the world to pick me up? I live in brisbane.au and need a lift. or if peoples nearby (this side of earth) want a meetup i’ll be in [sVen]

  48. Mrono says:

    number 29, thats a service for voicemail for free.

    anyone in phoenix, az

    e-mail me at weridkid@gmail.com

  49. bilo says:
  50. upchuck says:

    Here are some sites for you to have at! (root password oracle1), (root password n1ghth@wk?), and and (root password nighthawk or n1ghth@wk?).

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