Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

sorry for no links yesterday folks, jet lag was still kickin in. but thankfully, eliot put up an article on how to finally use that damn cvs camcorder! bout time right?

so before i throw you lotsa links, let me say this:

i am out of all merch aside from a few shirts.

i came back from, vegas to over 300 envelopes bulging out of my mailbox. i still havent even gotten to them yet.  so stop sending SASEs until we get more. thanks people!

printer that cuts its own paper for you. oragami anyone?
inject audio into insecure handsets. oooh the possibilities

Hackaday Monday Sipping

monday sipping

it’s monday again. another new week! but wow, we have some serious recapping to do.

defcon 13 has come and gone and boy has it been a blast. we saw a lot of great and horrible talks, met tons of cool people, gave out tons of stickers and t-shirts and pins, and also got hacked! w00t!

we still have a few shirts (and tons of stickers) left though. we’ll let you know how you can get your hands on the in the next few days!

Defcon has really been great despite being a bit dissapointing in a lot of ways. It made me get back into my hacking roots that are so much fun to do. For instance, while we were hanging with the dudes over at rackspace, I created this nice little php page making it very easy to test Movable Type installations for the default username and password. I like it, it’s very fun. Just copy and paste the http://www.cfrirgrg.com/mt.cgi address in the box. No HTTP:// is required (don’t do it) so it’s easy to paste from the google results. i plan on improving it and eventually automating it.

what the hack was also over the weekend too. it took place all outdoors and was probably better than defcon. if you went, we wanna know.

then there’s the whole up-in-arms-over-this cisco exploit that came out that could “bring the internet to it’s knees”…ouch. the guy who found it quit his job at his security firm so he could bring attention to it and now he’s screwed basically.

props to this guy (rich) for shoving us to in-n-out burger too. he also exposed us to “the weight lifter” if i recall right. we don’t thank you for that. we also want to thank corey, dirk, jason s., ryan, justin (blogcadre raps), justin (lettingusstayathisplace), torrone, mike (same), jason c. of course, and all of you guys who came up and found us and said hi!

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Coke Can Tuxedo

Coke Can Tux

this is one of the most insane things i’ve seen in a long time. this guy obviously had a very formal event (read: prom) to go to at one point. chances are he was desperate for attention which resulted in his coke can tux. that’s right. he ran a can drive with his readers and friends to get the cans to make this monstrosity. he then went and mashed, molded, melted, and sewed a series of coke cans together to create this coke can vest for his event. great work and extra points for being original and a loser.

thanks [com]

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Defcon Day 2 – Hamster Ball


This ball was being shown from DC*480. It’s a remote control ball that has a camera and processor. It can throw itself anywhere and only took the team 3 days to build…with 6 months of planning of course. I got a turn to try it out and you rotate the X and Y axis to make it move. It takes random screenshots too of what it sees. I love it. Great project.

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Defcon Day 2 – New Day Rising

our heads hurt. we’re not gonna lie. but then the nasty sound of the doorbell came at about 8am this morning. who was it? ups. they had a nice box for us. t-shirts!

check em out!

hackaday tees

we’ll be selling them today and tomorrow of course at defcon. $100 a piece.

not. they’ll be free, just come find us and find out how you can get one.

to find us, just look for us with the hackaday t-shirts. we’ll probably be rocking a sticker and a pin or two as well. we reccomend getting them ASAP for several reasons…one being that we just don’t have a lot of them.

so come on. hit it up!

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