Defcon day 3 – Soekris 4501

soekris 4501

There are a lot things to get annoyed about at Defcon: the lines, the heat, slow network


  1. toxicbomber says:

    Thats pretty sweet Eliot, so what are your plans for the damn thing?

  2. MrNgm says:

    congrats… you are sure happy to have it, since it is x86 arch ;)

  3. the mad muhzark says:

    whoa-ho-ho-hooooooo I am JEALOUS. They got some hacks for the board o’er at
    wish i had one…

  4. Richard Y says:

    You guys found a screwdriver?! :)

  5. David says:

    Now you can create an excellent game / traffic shaping router…check it out

  6. Josh says:

    Or you could even go with which has alot more features and packages that you can install for more customization.

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