Coke Can Tuxedo

Coke Can Tux

this is one of the most insane things i’ve seen in a long time. this guy obviously had a very formal event (read: prom) to go to at one point. chances are he was desperate for attention which resulted in his coke can tux. that’s right. he ran a can drive with his readers and friends to get the cans to make this monstrosity. he then went and mashed, molded, melted, and sewed a series of coke cans together to create this coke can vest for his event. great work and extra points for being original and a loser.

thanks [com]

19 thoughts on “Coke Can Tuxedo

  1. “great work and extra points for being original and a loser.”

    Now that’s a bit harsh isn’t it? Why does the creator of THIS “hack” get labelled a loser? I thought this site was celebrating the art of the hack not making fun of it.

  2. Looks painful to me, but I’ve cut my hands on several pepsi can products before. He should have stuck with the duct tape tux, muy more macho.


    P.S. I miss my uppercase!!

  3. oh that’s gay. It just screams, “Look at ME!” You know that dude probably cut the sh!t out out himself and anyone who got too close to that monstrosity. Napoleon had sense enough to go to the thrift store to get a sweet suit. It probably cost about as much as all those cokes.

  4. i hope he at least bent down or taped over the edges. but really, some people just enjoy attention too much. if a lot of people pointing at you is all you have, that’s pretty sad. duct tape is cooler though because it looks a lot neater. this coke thing looks like it’s going to fall apart.

  5. You guys wait ’til I make my “Hack A Day” tux out of old condom wrappers. I’ve got the design down. I just need to work my way through all those condoms. I need 2,327 to make it so, that’s 2,326 left to go.

  6. #13
    Its a simpsons refrence…

    Nice simpsons refrence ;)

    im loving the tux. Its original but it sorta screams attention whore but I think it came out great besides the joints.

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