Defcon Day 3 – Last Chance

last chance

If you’re at Defcon, today is the last day to get a free t-shirt in person. After today they’re going to be much harder to come by: i.e. send us your exclusive project. So track us down and ask for a shirt. I shouldn’t be too hard to find. I mean seriously, bright freakin’ green

18 thoughts on “Defcon Day 3 – Last Chance

  1. i’ve been looking for you guys all day and a haven’t seen the bright green shirt yet. maybe I should stop sitting down in talks and standing in lines for talks…

  2. You guys were completely non-existant today, I didn’t see you anywhere. I met you guys on Saturday, but you were running low on shirts, and elliot was whining about his hangover, so I just got stickers. I’m flying back to PA Monday morning at 5am, so I can’t even hunt you dudes down at whatever hotel you’re at.

    Hope you guys enjoyed Defcon, and have a good trip back, I’ll enjoy all my layovers.

  3. Almost as cool as my Pandamonium shirt. Wish I could have gone to Defcon… damn my parents for keeping me here in Canada. At least I’m moving to Japan for a year in a month…

  4. Dang it Defcon has passed. Me and a few guys from the crew looked for you guys the entire weekend. We wanted some hackaday swag. Part of our crew stayed and Section 18. Down by pool 2, and near the EFF dunk tank. We really wanted some stickers, buttons and a shirt. :(

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