Use cartridges with Atari Flashback 2

atari flashback

The Atari Flashback is a game system that includes 40 original Atari 2600 games for about $30. The games are placed on a rom chip just like the original except it is soldered inside the case instead of on a cartridge. You can bypass the rom chip with a couple toggle switches and add an external cartridge adapter to play any of the original 2600 games. All of the pinouts are marked on board and the site has links to get the proper connector. Time to start hitting up ebay for the big game lots.

[thanks hk-47]


  1. Tracy Milburn says:

    Enough of these Atari things! I want to see pictures of Vince Veneziani!!! Does anyone have any pictures of Vince that they can share? After what I saw of him at Defcon, I want more. MORE!!!!

  2. opensource101 says:

    I knew I saved all those old cartridge for a reason.

  3. Nik says:

    Wait, you saved cartridges, but not the system? Isnt that akin to having a bunch of condoms, but no penis?

  4. opensource101 says:

    Nice, real nice. The system broke a year or two ago, just have a box of cartridges, never got rid of them.

  5. geoff says:

    ebay works for finding games, but this site has a bunch:

  6. Phil says:

    Anyone know if this lovely device is availble in the uk? also where and how much?

  7. Sal says:

    Flashback 2.0. I have the original Flashback….shucks

  8. ryan says:

    wal mart carries them in the us, may be tesco (thats the big store with everything in it, thats steals the souls of small, family owned businesses, right?) might have one (although i did a web search for you, didn’t find anything at tesco, but or or whatever you brits use for suffix’s for the web had some)

    ps learn how to control the u key or i willl take it away, that goes for all brits! if someone said i had honour i would kick them in the head, since i would assume it was an insult. thats what the revolutionary war was about people, we got one too many u’s!

  9. epicrusadr says:

    Will this work with the original Flashback? If it did that would be awesome. They are on clearance everywhere now. : )

  10. hk-47 says:

    No, as the origional flashback uses a nintendo-on-a-chip (noac), the fbv2 uses an atari on a chip. You could probably run nes games on a flashback 1 though…

  11. Zed_eX says:

    I was about to buy one of these and then I thougt: “Why the hell don’t I just emulate them?”

  12. brown705 says:

    Nice, but not necessary for those of us who still have our old Atari 2600, fully operational and ready to go! WooHoo! Anyone want to come over and play Combat?

  13. carpespasm says:

    this should make it WAY easier for Ben Heck to make even smaller portable atari consoles. very nice.

  14. hugh janis says:

    did i miss the meetup? or did one not occur? i thought 1st thursday of mont?

  15. Darth Chaos says:

    I bought my Flashback2 today. Since you use a composite a/v cable instead of an RF switchbox, you get a crystal clear picture. Emulation is perfect. A couple of the homebrew games are a little buggy.

  16. Luis says:

    Here is my follow up to the posted information on the atari museum link.Couldn’t find anyone else with detailed pictures of the port install so I documented my own FB2 mod.Enjoy

  17. Pocketbrain says:

    aNYBODY REMember how to “warp” with a tank in Atari’s COMBAT?

  18. Luis says:

    pocketbrain ,You’r taking it back with the warp feature.I think it was driving into the corner then shooting at the same time.I’ll try it tonight.

  19. John Jay says:

    hey////found a new hack in by extracting the hardrive and installing new firmware onto the original script located inside the motherboard.

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