Pneumatic Drumming Robot

robot drummer

Here’s the latest entry in “future robot overlord watch”. Each stick is driven by a pneumatic cylinder. The control is generated using a midi file as the source. The system is completely modular. You assign instruments to individual channels based on what you have so it should be able to play any kit. My favorite quote from the FAQ: Q: What do you use to generate the midi files? A: Google.

[thanks synth-c]

20 thoughts on “Pneumatic Drumming Robot

  1. instead of complaining about the “quality of hacks,” why don’t we take a nice trip over to google to find some more… really, most of these how-to articles have a lot of phrases that are common amongst their kind, so it shouldn’t be that hard to search for these phrases. too many people just leech without making the effort to give something back. “ask not what hackaday can do for you, but what you can do for hackaday.” etc.

  2. I feel hackaday would benefit from more things you can build from scratch or more common pieces. I know they dont qualify as hacks, but they are just as good, and there are already a few like the usb battery.

  3. Well, joelanders..I’m not heading to google to find more hacks because I’m too busy working on my own or I’m at my job or I’m at school. Some of us don’t have the time to sit on the internet and just browse. So next time, please refrain from playing webcop and repremanding me.

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