32 thoughts on “Swimming snake robot

  1. Wait Wait Wait. You guys are missing the most important thing here.

    The picture is a video!

    Elliot what are you doing. This is going to cause a ripple in the hack-a-day/user rift. Whats next. Actualy posting the site here to keep from crashing it?

  2. yeah, that’s frightening as hell.

    as others said, and I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining because I do enjoy checking this site every day, but this is the kind of thing that I read engadget or digg for, I really feel that it doesn’t belong here.

  3. this is not a hack and can damn well not be made by 99% of this site’s readers, come on hackaday, you used to be cool

  4. Please don’t post videos as the picture for hacks. It’s already bad enough that every day I look at hackaday I have to reload graphics for 5 or 6 previous hacks on the main page, without waiting for a video frame to load too. There are still a lot of people on crappy slow dialup…

  5. i think this is awesom. and about the slow dial-up connection… get the rss feed. easy nuff done with google.com/ig

  6. I have to say that is very neat. I loved the piece on the snake-bots a while back, and now that it swims it just adds another layer of coolness (and in this case practicality) to the idea.

    The only thing it needs now is a submarine-type ballast(sp?) system so it can be neutrally boyant in the water and really let loose. Imagine the possibilities of a non-propeller un-manned submersable, you could adapt this to so many differnt things. Not only could it help study the ocean, it could come out on the market as a $150 toy all the snot-nosed rich kids want ;)

  7. holy crap.
    robots that work on organic fuel (people): check
    robots that self-replicate: check
    robot sea monsters: check
    we should actually invest in irradiating animals and people until we have a mutant force powerful enough to fight for our freedom. except we get into this whole ‘there was an old woman who swollowed a fly’ problem. however, i likes my dicators to be fleshy rather than robotic, so i’m fine ending the ladder there.

  8. and to think, it can “jump” up curbs too

    and to the guy that complained about having dial up, were in 2006 get with the program already

  9. Showed this to my kids – their first comment was like kyle90’s: whoever manages to sell these cheap as pool toys will make a fortune. I think they’re right — sure the one in the video looks kinda creepy, but you dress this up in bright colors and and stuff, give ‘em swarming behavior (imagine 5 of these things doing synchronized swimming?), you got a hot property on yer hands.

  10. Nice thing. it seems that the robotics is quite advanced nowadays…
    Imagine the progress they don’t show us in laboratories!
    be patient,the future is allready here!

  11. In response to #27, just because you make something cute and fluffy will not disguise its true cybernetic evil. I mean lokk at the Furby there is no way that thing could be fluffier or cuter, but 90% of people still realize its evil beyond recognition.

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