VW CD Audio Interface Adatpter


I had been meaning to post K9spud’s VWCDPIC audio interface adapter ever since our first auxiliary input hack… and today I finally remembered to. It really is one of the best out there. Normally the the Volkswagen OEM head unit has the CD changer channels muted unless you’ve got a factory changer. The VWCDPIC interfaces with the already present CD changer plug and fools the head unit to connect any audio device you want. It also provides remote control of your audio device using the head units buttons. It’s very clever and can work with any audio device.

13 thoughts on “VW CD Audio Interface Adatpter

  1. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Once again hackaday reads my mind and saves me a few quid. What’s more, it’s compatible with my Seat Ibiza’s radio. Excellent!

  2. The circuit may be different for other car makes. It all depends on what type of signals the CD changer generates. I was interested in Ford changer specs because I have an Explorer. The Ford spec is at the end of that page I posted. There is also a link at the end to the SAE spec for Ford’s control protocol. In there they show an example interface circuit to a microcontroller. Ford’s appears to be based on the RS-485 electrical spec. Other makes of radios may be completely different.

  3. There are already many aftermarket products that do this. I had one installed over a year ago that brings the input jack to the front seat. The Belkin adapter for the iPod keeps it charged and increases the volume to work with the stereo.

  4. I bought this for my 2003 Vdub Wolfsburg Jetta that has a factory CD changer in the trunk and took the RCA to stereo jack to my satellite radio with no luck. Can’t seem to switch it to “Auxilliary Input” to recognize my satellite radio…. :( now I’m fresh outta ideas after disconnecting/reconnecting my battery.

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