gp2x gps

Hack-a-day favorite [Sprite_tm] sent in another nice GP2X hack. He knew he had some space from his previous USB port adventure. He pulled a small reciever from a cheap SDIO GPS card and added it to his GP2x. He rounded it out with an ATTiny13 that’s used to power up the GPS only after it recieves a magic string from the onboard serial port.


  1. madog says:

    first post

  2. Florin Topala says:

    Congratulations, cool job, I really like what you have done. (Soory for my bad English)

  3. shawn says:

    Is that the breakout baord or the system istelf?

  4. nim says:

    so how is the disturbance in the serial line now? will the usage of the gps device impede any other communication you think?
    have you gotten to using it yet?
    and after the usb-host-mod, and the gps-mod, do you think there’s room and voltage left to for instance, do a wifi-mod if it’s possible to hack in an sd-card wifi-adapter? (they’re really thin :-)

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