Simple Linux robot with IR camera

Here’s something else we found while writing up our duplicate Ikea Linux Cluster post. [Janne] also built this simple linux robot. The robot uses the Qwerk robot controller, a webcam with the IR filter removed (something like this one), a usb WiFi card, an IR spotlight, and a set of repurposed model airplane wheels. The WiFi adapter and webcam attach directly to the Qwerk via its on-board usb ports; the servo motors are also connected via built-in ports. Although [Janne] doesn’t post specific instructions, the Qwerk platform seems fairly easy to work with. Have a look at the Qwerk overview for more information.


  1. DigitalMind says:

    Seems like fun !! I gotta build me some robots too ! :)

  2. Michael says:

    look at this

    it’s all fully documented (on the magazine cited)

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