Grizzly suit up for auction

Do you have a burning desire to fight grizzly bears? If you do, We can’t guarantee that the first bear you face will win, but we really can’t imagine another outcome unless you use [Troy Hurtubise]‘s Mk IV suit, which is currently up for auction. We have discussed the suit before along with several other high-tech power suits, but this is the only one with bear-resistance in mind. The suit features several safety features, including layers of chainmail and titanium.The suit was also featured in the film “Project Grizzly.” [Hurtubise] is hoping to sell the suit for $40,000 or more to offset his personal costs, and judging by the current price, he may well make it.

[via Engadget]


  1. kvmanii says:

    I dont know if I would trust that suit to protect me against bears. Watch the video,,

  2. W01F says:

    Troy Hurtubise is the REAL Tony Stark. That man, as wacky as he is, makes me proud to be Canadian. GO TROY!! If I had the money, I’d make sure that suit stays in Canada.

  3. Tachyon says:

    lol yeah if Tony Stark worked in a scrapyard.

  4. janff says:

    thats a great Canadian with a passion. its incredible how much he invested his time and money in this adventure.

    For all it represents this suit should be in a museum, eh.

  5. jojo says:

    power rangers! From Canada. The US Military should buy it and reverse-engineer it.

    See, the Canadians are more advanced than the US in some technologies.

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