Grizzly Suit Up For Auction

Do you have a burning desire to fight grizzly bears? If you do, We can’t guarantee that the first bear you face will win, but we really can’t imagine another outcome unless you use [Troy Hurtubise]’s Mk IV suit, which is currently up for auction. We have discussed the suit before along with several other high-tech power suits, but this is the only one with bear-resistance in mind. The suit features several safety features, including layers of chainmail and titanium.The suit was also featured in the film “Project Grizzly.” [Hurtubise] is hoping to sell the suit for $40,000 or more to offset his personal costs, and judging by the current price, he may well make it.

[via Engadget]

5 thoughts on “Grizzly Suit Up For Auction

  1. Troy Hurtubise is the REAL Tony Stark. That man, as wacky as he is, makes me proud to be Canadian. GO TROY!! If I had the money, I’d make sure that suit stays in Canada.

  2. thats a great Canadian with a passion. its incredible how much he invested his time and money in this adventure.

    For all it represents this suit should be in a museum, eh.

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