[denha] has assembled a noise box he calls the XR-NOISE using an XR-2206 multi-waveform function generator. The output has an impressive number of controllable settings, and uses a set of LEDs to indicate sound level and rate. The XR-NOISE uses 1/4″ jacks for both in and out, and can also be controlled by the tap-sensitive mic located on the front of the box. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any further documentation or schematics to provide context, but it seems that this function generator chip has also been used for other audio hack projects as well, including a scratch-synth using resistive pressure sensors.

[via MatrixSynth]


  1. colecago says:

    Once you get past him f’ing with the camera, its actually pretty enjoyable.

  2. davisr says:

    Wow, it’s a cool project, but the video goes by sooo slowly.

  3. arrangemonk says:

    why isnt he pluging a guitar in it?

  4. Loop says:

    It’s a pew pew box! (at the start anyway)

  5. Janoch says:

    This is a very very interesting project!
    I like it.

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