Exploding processors for real

After we posted the “High explosives pc case” earlier we saw a resounding outcry in the comments for combustible destruction. Oddly enough, we got a submission of something along just those lines. [tazzik] has taken the heat sink off of his athlon 1400+ and covered the poor processor in potassium chlorate. As you can see in the video, this was not a very effective heat management decision. It is definitely fun, but nowhere near as explosive as our thermite shenanigans.

[thanks Steve]


  1. strider_mt2k says:

    I’m gonna go drop a road flare in a PC case be back with the video of the hack later.

    I understand these guys also have an awesome “riding a shopping cart off a roof into bushes” hack too.

    I like occasional frontal nudity too, can we work some of THAT in?

    or stuff about occasional sewing or baking?

    Oh wait, that isn’t hacking either.

    C’mon, it’s one step up from the macaroni and glitter hacks you were posting a couple of weeks ago.

  2. evilncarnate says:

    Seems like this hot topic has become bitter sweet

  3. Caleb Kraft says:


  4. DarkFader says:

    I thought this site was about being constructive…

  5. Morgan says:

    It did less damage to the motherboard than I thought it would from that size flame.

  6. think_alien says:

    seriously this is stupid they probably put an m-80 or fire cracker with something flammable you can see him setting something down and lol something tells me the flash isnt psu

  7. PSN Coder says:

    It seems like all the cool videos have a Youtube TOS violation.

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