RFID emulator

[Alexander] built an RFID emulator. It uses a wire coil (not pictured here) and an ATmega8 to represent any tag that is EM4001 compliant. This iteration requires connection to a computer to send the tag ID information to the microcontroller. In the video after the break it looks like he’s using a DIY RFID reader to test this. If the two were combined, cutting out the need for a computer, he would have an RFID spoofer on his hands.


  1. djsashaz says:

    wow, thats wicked sick…. LOL Now all you need is a an easy way to create duplicate rfid tags, and now you can get/go anywhere you want ;)

  2. Alexander says:
  3. sam says:

    to bad its not in English otherwise i would buy one :(

  4. Alexander says:

    if you’re realy interested write me an email.
    I could improve my english :)

  5. klulukasz says:

    no mention about this?


    much easier and cheaper, and what is more it has already been on hackaday too…

  6. ASCII says:

    Have you ever seen this project?


    It is a kind of universal & low-cost RFID emulator. Very interesting indeed.

  7. klulukasz says:

    thanks o.0 nice projects:)

  8. John says:

    Hm, tell me if i’m wrong but isn’t that a copy of http://www.mrl.cz/projects/rfid/rfid.pdf ?

  9. Alex says:

    Yea you’re right my emulator bases on the work of Michal Krummnikel. I’ve written about it in my article on my Page.

  10. Wwhat says:

    And the beauty is that you could use a fake ID card or what have you without an RFID in it and have the emulator in your pocket and all security would buy it was real, and if distance is an issue sow the coil in your sleeve-collar and you’d be swiping it over readers and it would read the emulator :)

  11. PimpKittah says:

    Inpressive but not news, this device can be bought for example from dealextreme as a out of the box item that reads and copies rf tags without any issues. (pic based not atmel) using 2 button interface and im sure you could easly modify it to allow RS232 communication.

  12. Dave-0 says:

    get an RFID reader, some storage and an LCD screen and you could store all kinds of cards on the device, select one from a menu on the LCD screen and then just play it back through the device.

    All in one RFID skeleton key. No computer needed. I love it.

    Build me one of those with a key pad so i could lable the keys i scan in and ill buy one

  13. Alex says:

    Hi all,
    i could build such a device like Dave-O described.

    It would have the Reader and the Emulator on Board.
    The board would be controlled by an ARM-7 chip. For the interface i would use a LCD touchscreen. It would have a SD card interface to store some keys on it. I think a USB connection should be possible too.

    And the software would be in English of course. I’m going to improve my english :)

    So if you are interested in such a device let me know. Write an e-mail to: tfh.alex94@gmail.com


  14. Gilliam says:

    have a mini(netbook?)computer controlled RFID “spoofer” with GPS(or a-gps) to coordinate use of multiple RFID tags at different locations.
    example:work, home, and secret hacker lab all need RFID card access. have the rfid tag and gps locations programmed into the computer so it only activates the rfid needed at the current location.

  15. mure says:

    i would like to try this, but i cannot seam to find the source, or the hex for the atmega.

  16. Alex says:
  17. Igor says:

    One more emulator. Does mot require power. Use google to translate

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