Using iPad SIM with an iPhone

[Aaron Nelson] tipped us off about a simple hack to use an iPad SIM with an iPhone. You won’t be able to use the iPhone as a phone, but the relatively cheap $29.99 for unlimited Internet was his goal. He used an old plastic gift card to cut out an adapter for the iPad’s micro SIM so that it will fit into the iPhone’s SIM cradle as seen above. From there he used a web service via the WiFi connection to enter “Broadband” as a custom APN.


  1. Sariel says:

    thats killer! but why did you buy the ipad? Hope you make something cool out of it, maybe a giant tv remote for your HTPC? lol

  2. keith1212 says:

    sweet a hack to pay for internet.

  3. Sariel says:

    you could always do this to your ipad.

  4. roundabout says:

    I’d rather whittle my iPhone SIM down for use in an iPad and make an adapter to move it back and forth.

  5. Aaron Nelsen says:

    Just a quick note, my last name is spelled NELSEN not NELSON.

  6. djphibes says:

    Now the real question is this: If you were to purchase a replacement ipad SIM, could you use it in a typical usb 3g card, and thusly only pay 30/mo for unlimited service?

  7. yes says:

    @keith1212 love it ha ha

  8. Dominic says:

    I’ve been waiting for someone to do this. Now, I can get an iPad; put the sim in an Android phone and use Google Voice with voip. I can get off the sero plan and still have unlimited voice/data for $30.

  9. qxe says:

    I wonder how come that they don’t force you to pay extra money after a traffic limit.
    Mobile operators are still ridiculous. For 30$ you would get at least a 2mbit unlimited dsl with good pings not this pile of crap.

  10. osgeld says:

    someone else was just cutting their sim card to fit in the Ipad, yen and yang I guess

  11. Dave says:

    @djphibes: I’m wondering the same thing.

  12. Brem69 says:

    Did something like this about a year ago with Advent 4213 sim slot Just to browse the net with when there was no wifi around I used a GPRS connection but cost me about £30 a year

  13. Roberto says:

    I guess that the people behind will be posting a retraction.

  14. dunp says:

    Finland mobile internet costs only 10€ per month.

  15. L0rd_AsukA says:

    Very nice hack/mod…

  16. osgeld says:

    Roberto, not that I would have ever thought of it, once you hold the 2 together you can see the common connection points, and where to cut and or add, I am not sure what kind of reaction you expect

    Scissors or sticky tape, and some bits of scrap plastic to provide cross services tween Iphone and Ipad accounts?

    Hack +

    (but dont make it a daily thing please)

  17. osgeld says:
  18. Thomas Kilbride says:

    lol I can has your IMSI number?


  19. biqut2 says:

    @Thomas Kilbride

    That would be a sim card number which is different than an IMSI.

  20. rujoesmith says:

    can i just buy a mini at&t sim card, make this adapter and use it on my iphone? or do i need to first activate it in an ipad. i was thinking of buying this one:

  21. D says:

    You can get ready adapters like that with any Dual-Sim Adapter. They have them in case, after cutting your regular sim to fit two of them in your phone, you decide to use only one. There is plenty of them over ebay and deal-extreme and you will definitelly find them under $5.

  22. octel says:

    That’s because Finland doesn’t seem to actively encourage price-gouging corporate monopolies in collusion with a corrupt government.
    Enjoy your internet!

  23. Randomer says:

    I don’t see how $29.99 is anywhere near reasonable.
    In Finland, all operators have one dataplan (slowest) for 11USD with unlimited data. One that you can get with or without voice calls / sms.

  24. Andrew says:

    Can one do this and use the
    limited $15 a month ipad data plan?

    I’d only occasionally need data on
    my iphone that I use as an ipod touch.

    Also, would there be any reason one
    couldn’t swap back and forth as needed?

  25. Reginald says:

    A week ago bought micro sim adapter from Costs only 4.5 EUR. Really worth it. Now use my simcard in both Ipad and Iphone. Should save me 1440$ since there is no need to sign for the 2 years AT&T plan. Highly recommend this seller, his price and delivery options are the best so far.

  26. ClopsPots says:

    I have just received my microsim adapter from Great device, saves a lot of $$$ Best offer around. There is also a video available at really good vendor.

  27. OptimusPrime says:

    Hi everyone, I made my own microsim from this simple n easy youtube tutorial. I’m able to use my plan on my iPad now. Also they have microsim Adapter to convert back this microsim to normal sim as well.
    Check it out.

    Download your FREE template below

    Enjoy !

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