The 2024 Business Card Challenge Starts Now

If you want to make circuits for a living, what better way to impress a future employer than to hand them a piece of your work to take home? But even if you’re just hacking for fun, you can still turn your calling into your calling card.

We are inviting you to submit your coolest business card hacks for us all to admire, and the top three entries will win a $150 DigiKey shopping spree.  If your work can fit on a business card, create a project page for it over on and enter it in the 2024 Business Card Contest. Share your tiny hacks!

To enter, create a project for your hacked business card over at Hackaday IO, and then enter it into the 2024 Business Card Challenge by selecting the pulldown on the left. It’s that easy.

Honorable Mentions

Since we always get more fantastic submissions than we have prizes, we love to recognize entries that stand out. These Honorable Mention categories to highlight those who rise to the challenge.

  • Wafer Thin: A “normal” business card is about 1 mm thick. That’s a tough ask for a fully functional project, but let’s just say that for this category, there’s no such thing as too thin. Let’s see what you can do.
  • Aesthetics: This category is for you artists out there. Squeeze the most beauty possible into a business card form factor.
  • Madman Muntz: Paper business cards are insanely cheap to produce – custom electronics projects, not so much. But clever component choice and corner cutting can go a long way. For this category, we’d like to see how inexpensively you can get your cards made.
  • Fun and Games: Nothing says “work” like a business card. Flip the script with a business card that’s a toy at heart.
  • Utilitarian: Can you actually get something useful done within the size limits? How much functionality can you fit in your wallet?

More Inspiration

Need some inspiration? Check out these business card projects on Hackaday.

Maybe one of the first business card hacks that we ever featured was Hackaday alum [Ian Lesnet]’s How-To: Web Server On A Business Card. This one’s probably a history lesson today, because it was done in the days of slow microcontrollers with no inbuilt WiFi. Check out that Ethernet dongle attachment!

Flashing forward to the present, [Ryan Chan] designed a business card that, in addition to his contact information, also has a complete Tic-Tac-Toe game built in. [Beast Devices]’s smart business cards do away with the battery entirely by drawing their power from NFC, and are probably eminently hackable too, thanks to those sweet test points for programming.

[Michael Teeuw] designed these PCBs that sport small OLED screens to display contact info and even have a hidden easter egg. [Alex.puffer]’s card is classy and simple, and nobody out there needs to ask if he could have done it simply with a 555 timer.

Now it’s your turn. Head on over to put your business card in the running. The contest runs between Tuesday, May 7, 2024 09:00 am PDT and Tuesday, July 2, 2024 09:00 am PDT, so get going.

Thanks again to DigiKey for sponsoring this contest with the $150 prizes!

12 thoughts on “The 2024 Business Card Challenge Starts Now

  1. please next make emergency communication like flashlight (send morse code and receive in cell phone camera and meybe telescope)
    irda, paper, 1 wire, shape semaphore etc

  2. Ideas not to show to actual prospective bosses/clients.

    Include a functional Gigaboss/Gigabosu on the card!

    It’s like a Gigapet/Tamagotchi, except instead of feeding/washing/loving it you give it bullshit, look busy, play stupid or work.

    Beware you don’t get promoted to the bosses personal assistant (what happens the second time you press the ‘work’ button in row). That’s a loss. (Same as your gigapet starving.)
    Only use for ‘work’ button is to stop gigaboss tantrum. Then lots and lots of BS and look busy.

    Needs work.

  3. I wonder what could be done with one of those old wifi sd cards that ran Linux and could transmit wifi at over 500kbyte/sec. I think they even allowed read/writes from the wired pads simultaneously, so maybe without the plastic, the pcb of the card would fit in the 1mm class and you could work out a crappy way to get the data in or out as files over SPI before doing something more useful with it. Or just let your business card be a solar powered hotspot with your resume or something.

  4. I did some digging around and I couldn’t find anyone thats pulled off a usbc socket thats just pure PCB. Not a huge deal as you can do either micro or usba The other thing I was thinking about was pcb based speakers (somehow wobble the fr4) or 3.5mm jacks made out of PCB.

  5. I made this a few years ago:

    Why I think it’s “perfect”;

    -It sits comfortably in my wallet at 0.6mm thickness
    -It’s black and 24K gold plated (ENIG)
    -The chip gets its power off NFC
    -It has nice LEDs
    -It can be programmed wirelessly to send any information you want (I think it’s 2kB max and not iOS).
    -Minimalistic design
    -It has a ruler at the back that I use all the time. I actually think this is the best feature but the rest is cool too and people are always amazed by it

    The idea here was “what would Patrick Bateman have as a business card if he lived in the tech age” :-)

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