Second run at taser gloves uses bug zapper parts

[Jair2k4] ditched the Altoids tins and found a new voltage source for this latest rendition of his taser gloves. Regular readers will remember his first iteration which used wrist-mounted enclosures containing the flash circuitry from disposable cameras to shock the wits out of someone with the laying on of hands. This one is a complete rework but it follows the same concepts.

The new shock circuitry is from a bug zapper in the shape of a fly swatter. We’ve seen these handheld devices before and dismissed them as a gimmick, but [Jair2k4] got his hands on a couple of them and found out they can put out a spark of up to 2300 volts. He set to work by getting rid of the tennis-racket-style grid at the top of the handle. He soldered on some contacts which reach to the tip of his middle-finger and thumb on some rubberized work gloves. The original handle was kept as it’s a nice battery holder and works well strapped to his forearm.

Does it work? You bet – even singing his arm hair and leaving welts on his skin. See for yourself after the break. And yes, this goes on the list of hacks you should recreate!


  1. Derrick says:

    “hacks you should recreate” – you mean hacks you SHOULD NOT recreate?

  2. Tim says:

    Lol and singeing* not “singing”

  3. rasz says:

    i dont get it, is he going to finger the opponent?

    not to mention that thingie on his arm will get loose at first strike, switch that is poking out of it will lodge into the arm between two bones, and at the end the opponent will piss on his crying head and walk away

    all in all BAD idea

  4. raven|lee says:

    Damn. This guy beat me too it. I actually bought the same exactly bug zapper ($5 on amazon FTW) for this type of project. I’m not quite sure where he got the rating of 2300V, though. The capacitor (the big blue gum dropped shaped thing) on the board is clearly labeled as rated for only 400V.

  5. rallen71366 says:

    I LIKE it! But if I was going to give you any shit about it, I’d make sure to do it outside of arms reach! :)

  6. Icarus says:

    Why put it in a glove?
    It would be cool if next time you put it in a stick.
    I mean a retractable police like stick with two rings at the end.

    looks nice
    keep upgrading

  7. Kaj says:

    Note to self: Do not go to the bathroom until glove is removed.

  8. sariel says:

    you make fapping a dangerous game, you sir are a credit to our race and we are now forever indebted to you for your contribution to the fap-games of 2012. No fap december? No fap 2012 with this baby.

  9. N0LKK says:

    Glove owner to bad guy, please wait until I put on my glove. The only use that comes to mind if you are going out looking for a fight. Assuredly you would find one, but this increases the odds you’ll gt your ass handed to you, because this is going to piss someone off, not incapacitate them. Having said all that, of course this was built for kicks because he could. I think so anyway.

  10. Corrosion says:

    I wish hackaday would’ve post mine.. I’ve done several of them….

    Heres a collab of one

  11. RandomReader says:

    you know all in all its not bad at all ^_^
    its simple fun cheap and “dangerous” what more could u ask for

    Nice idea!

  12. zapped says:

    I once got a bad zap from a broken bug zapper.. The zap went from one arm to the other and it was a heck of a jolt… Not recommended!

    This happened when I was hacking a broken unit. The paddle was gone, leaving two wires exposed. I thought I had discharged the wires on a conductive surface, but one of the wires was not connected so a residual charge remained in the circuit. When I then futzed with the wires using my fingers, they suddenly made contact.

  13. Wm_Atl says:

    Nice upgrade. Your a braver man than I. I don’t normally allow high voltage near my skin. Any thoughts on the next upgrade. And if we go super hero might I suggest “Electrode Man”. I kid, but seriously “Electrode Man”.

    Be Safe and I look forward to what you post next.

  14. kevin says:

    Judge Judy ruled a bunch of money to someone who got shocked with a piezoelectric BBQ lighter, so yeah sure, try this out on someone…

  15. Marco says:

    Now you just need to pinch that bug to zap it.

  16. Gatsu says:

    Place the electrodes on the knuckles instead, have it activated when a punch makes contact.

    Punch + ZAP == Owwwww

  17. Sean says:

    These devices went on sale in my area once and I bought a few, figuring the low current, high voltage supply would be handy someday. Obviously, I connected my finger in series to see if it would hurt. I was not impressed. It’s only supposed to harm insects, after all.

    This was obviously just built for humor value.

    • Dax says:

      It depends on the capacitor value. You can make it give you harmful shocks, but the transformer itself will buckle under the load, and the frequency is so high that you’ll get the skin effect, so it doesn’t incapacitate you in any way. The only way it will work is by charging a big capacitor and then discharging it at once.

      There are numerous circuit diagrams for making proper tazers on google. It’s not even difficult – all you need is a spool of fine magnet wire.

      These devices aren’t much of a hack, because they accomplish nothing. They don’t work as tazers, and don’t pack enough punch to really hurt you either.

  18. KillerBug says:

    It doesn’t seem like it should be easier not to give yourself terrible electric shocks? I’m doing it right now…and I didn’t have to build anything.

  19. Bloodlock says:

    Why not use a real taser circuit for that?
    a backbag with a 12v battery, flyback and other dangerous things… I don’t know about a hero, but for a vilain, could be named lightfinger… :3

  20. lwatcdr says:

    See the Halloween Big Bang Theory as to why this could be a gad idea.

  21. Troll_Dragon says:

    Time to ramp it UP girls! A nice Flyback transformer and the Jacobs Ladder glove could be created. :)

  22. jake says:

    stun knuckles are so much more fun and hbu a video of you zappin yourself?

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