A head-mounted Tesla coil – what could possibly go wrong?


We can hear the commercial now…

“Reeeeeeal men of geniuuuuuuus! Here’s to you Mr. no-fear, singing Tesla coil on your hat wearing guy…”

Call him a genius or call him crazy – all we know is that [Tyler’s] Tesla coil hat is awesome! Even though it’s the middle of November, we couldn’t pass up this Halloween costume.

[Tyler’s] creation essentially boiled down to taking a standard dual resonant solid state Tesla coil and shrinking it down to a reasonable size for mounting on his skull. The mini Tesla features a pretty compact boost core which worked reasonably well, at least for a little while. He says that the boost never truly worked properly and needs a redesign, which is something he’ll tackle when he gets some free time.

Boost issues or not, we think that the video below speaks for itself. The hat is certainly an attention getter, and we think it’s great – even if wearing a Tesla coil on your head is not necessarily the safest thing to do.


  1. haha, that’s some ubergeek stuff right there!

  2. jarfil says:

    OMG that’s insane! I’m equally jealous and terrified of trying one myself.

  3. William says:

    …and it doubles as a stun gun.

  4. nate says:

    I hope breathing all that ozone was worth it.

  5. Tweeks says:

    Better have an umbrella on hand.. ;)


  6. Mark A says:

    If it starts to rain, it could be shocking.

  7. Andrew Smith says:


  8. agtrier says:

    Great stuff for your next party. Just imagine the pickup-lines to go for: “wanna see my sparks flying?”

    Also works as a stun gun, in case the pickup lines don’t work.

  9. aztraph says:

    Sounds like he’s farting out the music

  10. Hirudinea says:

    I have a better song for this project…

  11. mixadj says:

    So does this make him a mad hatter?

  12. Staci says:

    What could possibly go wrong with this…

    I said the same thing when I made a battery powered circular saw into a portable lightning gun.

    Great work…It tastes like burning!

  13. gavsteed says:

    this perhaps?

  14. gavsteed says:

    I meant this of course…

  15. digi_owl says:

    So what’s next, crank up the output and start fighting crime as “coil man”?

  16. Chris says:

    Reminds me of Arthur Brown.

  17. C141Clay says:

    So. What happens when he meets his buddy on the street who is also wearing one?
    Crank up the power!

  18. HomelyPoet says:

    Set up with a Perpetual Generator for increase in power the longer worn.

  19. free energy says:

    I think there’s nothing wrong with that Tesla Coil in a hat except for it’s design. The guy looks not comfortable with the hat even though it’s cool.

  20. Hahah! That is ohhh sooo nice!! I wanna try one myself. Shock treatment songs? That made me curious, and then, when I watched the video, there are full of crazy people..VERY FUNNY though!!I really thought it was something about scientific experiments and not ballroom.

  21. jsngrimm says:


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