Hackaday has won 1st place in the RedBull Creation contest!

The people have spoken. Hackaday has won the Redbull creation challenge by popular vote.  Despite a few bumpy spots in the voting process, our project, the Minotaur’s Revenge (gameplay footage around the 2min mark in the video), got the most votes from the public winning us $5000 for our hackerspace and a trip to the World MakerFaire in New York.

Thanks to everyone who was able to actually vote, and we totally understand about those who didn’t.


  1. Congratulations guys!

  2. GrandWJ says:


  3. dougmsbbs says:

    Way to go, guys!!!!

    Job very well done!!!

  4. addidis says:

    Way to represent.


  5. Alan says:

    Great job!

  6. Destate9 says:

    Wow! Gratz dudes!!!

  7. stunt21 says:

    Fuck, congrats!! Well deserved, guys. Enjoy and make! :D

  8. Rollyn01 says:

    Excelsior!!! j/k :D

    Congrats guys. Now the question becomes… will you have something better for maker’s faire?

  9. Rob says:


  10. GrandWJ says:

    Take that money and get this! Virtual Reality Headset!

  11. I’m glad those 72 hours paid off.

  12. spiralbrain says:

    Congratulations guys!

  13. Zack says:

    great job!

  14. Michael Chen says:


  15. Ren says:

    Kudos in Haiku
    Hack-a-Day Minotaur Maze
    beat competition

  16. Skitchin says:

    Great job Team HAD! Now don’t go spending it all on coffee/energy drinks – booze, tools, or toys!

  17. m1ndtr1p says:

    Congrats guys! Well done!

    Now go have a nice long nap, you all deserve it!

  18. Barefoot says:

    Congratulations, HaD Team! See, you didn’t need my vote anyway…

  19. addidis says:

    So im just curious do you get life time free redbull in the office now? I could probably work for free if so. :P

  20. Cricri says:

    Yay, well done!

  21. deadlyfoez says:

    Congrats. I didn’t vote on anyone, only because I felt that no one used the bullduino to it’s full potential, but that just my opinion.

    • Caleb Kraft says:

      what? we didn’t even use the bullduino… it wasn’t even in this part of the contest!

      • deadlyfoez says:

        Oh. I thought it was. I could have sworn that was the whole purpose of this.

        My bad.

        Either way, I still wouldn’t have voted bc I don’t use FB for ordinary things, I strictly use it for just 4 people that I have added as friends.

        Still, congrats to you guys. You guys worked hard.

      • deadlyfoez says:

        I had the privilege of watching the live video stream and chatting with a bunch of cool people. Man, I got really drunk that night.

        So you guys didn’t need my vote anyways. You had it all in the bag. Especially with your team of people, and the audience from this site, I knew that there was no way you could lose.

        But, this brings up the question, what was the bullduino for in the first place? Why did they send it out to you guys ahead of the contest if it was not meant to be part of it? I’m so confused.

  22. naturetm says:

    Nice job Team HaD! You’ll have to make a post about what you buy with the prize.

  23. Rob says:

    Very, very cool! Congrats to everyone involved!!!

  24. Tom the Brat says:

    Wow! Congratulations!

  25. KG4MXV says:

    Ok I will send you my paypal address for the votes

  26. n0lkk says:

    Far out, congratulations, your hakaday army pulled through for you, after your work marathon. Interesting thumby wars was the choice team’s choice, because that could have been a strong contender for second place people’s choice in my opinion. I’m curious has does 5K break down given the man hours put in. Actual work time? $69.50 per. including the initial party time along with sleep time ain’t bad wages for a small crew.

  27. Treehouse Projects says:

    Woohoo! Go Hackaday!!

  28. Scissorfeind says:

    FUCKYES! Go you beautiful hackers, go!

  29. Whatnot says:

    Congrats! And have fun with your prize

  30. Bill Gander says:

    Congrats. So now you get to go to Maker Faire (which pt runs) seems like ya would have gone either way lol. Have fun!

  31. CJ_HaD says:

    I voted to support, but glad ya’ll won!

  32. christopher says:

    way to go!

  33. ninexunix says:

    Woohoooo grats!

  34. Tim says:

    WOOT – Congrats !! (even tho I didn’t vote because of the FB thing)

  35. Galane says:

    Amazing result, considering they pissed away the first day goofing off, eating pizza and drinking. ;)

  36. WhiteGoblin says:

    HELL YEA!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Thanks again for the awesome 72 hour spree. All the events & fun seriously made it an unforgettable event! Can’t wait to spend some quality time on cam with you all again. ;) Much <3 HaD/SF!!

  37. Justin says:

    Congratulations on obtaining the most votes for your creation. The Centrifury ended up being a runner up, so we will be going to Maker Fair as well. We are now pulling over 5 G’s on it, and you will be more than welcome to come try it out. See you there!

    -North Street Labs

  38. Haha, great!
    So, my votes weren’t in vain :-)

  39. ninexunix says:

    NSL, and a very well deserved position it is … you both will give maker fair new perspectives on a lot. I look forward to it :) Everyone in RB gave great presentations i wish NSL all the best and bring it :)

  40. ninexunix says:

    I’ll be watching both teams :) You guys are awesome:)

  41. sajrs says:


  42. Evocube says:

    Gratz Guys!! Go Middle USA :)

  43. Bacchus says:


    That’s really walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

    Now maybe some of the snottier locals will hold back on the snarky comments at you… No, that won’t happen… :)

  44. Grovenstien says:

    Yeah HAD Rules!!!!

  45. MakerDino says:


  46. Josef Prusa says:

    Congrats! You should go to OHW summit too, its just few days before MFNYC. I’m speaking there and it would be very cool to meet you IRL if not, I’m hitting MF too!
    Looking forward!

  47. DosX says:

    Damn like I had doubts……they should have just given you the money at the beginning of the competition forget about everything else. I enjoyed the 72 hour madness though, lets do it again real soon, lol.

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