Hackaday Has Won 1st Place In The RedBull Creation Contest!

The people have spoken. Hackaday has won the Redbull creation challenge by popular vote.  Despite a few bumpy spots in the voting process, our project, the Minotaur’s Revenge (gameplay footage around the 2min mark in the video), got the most votes from the public winning us $5000 for our hackerspace and a trip to the World MakerFaire in New York.

Thanks to everyone who was able to actually vote, and we totally understand about those who didn’t.

55 thoughts on “Hackaday Has Won 1st Place In The RedBull Creation Contest!

      1. Oh. I thought it was. I could have sworn that was the whole purpose of this.

        My bad.

        Either way, I still wouldn’t have voted bc I don’t use FB for ordinary things, I strictly use it for just 4 people that I have added as friends.

        Still, congrats to you guys. You guys worked hard.

      2. I had the privilege of watching the live video stream and chatting with a bunch of cool people. Man, I got really drunk that night.

        So you guys didn’t need my vote anyways. You had it all in the bag. Especially with your team of people, and the audience from this site, I knew that there was no way you could lose.

        But, this brings up the question, what was the bullduino for in the first place? Why did they send it out to you guys ahead of the contest if it was not meant to be part of it? I’m so confused.

  1. Far out, congratulations, your hakaday army pulled through for you, after your work marathon. Interesting thumby wars was the choice team’s choice, because that could have been a strong contender for second place people’s choice in my opinion. I’m curious has does 5K break down given the man hours put in. Actual work time? $69.50 per. including the initial party time along with sleep time ain’t bad wages for a small crew.

  2. HELL YEA!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Thanks again for the awesome 72 hour spree. All the events & fun seriously made it an unforgettable event! Can’t wait to spend some quality time on cam with you all again. ;) Much <3 HaD/SF!!

  3. Congratulations on obtaining the most votes for your creation. The Centrifury ended up being a runner up, so we will be going to Maker Fair as well. We are now pulling over 5 G’s on it, and you will be more than welcome to come try it out. See you there!

    -North Street Labs

      1. It’s not as bad as it looks, we edited it to make it look terrifying! You’ll enjoy the CentriFury, lets see if we can beat you at your game, and if you can beat me at our game! I’m the one that got up to 5.19 Gs recently. Also, nice filing tag for this post!

  4. Outstanding!

    That’s really walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

    Now maybe some of the snottier locals will hold back on the snarky comments at you… No, that won’t happen… :)

  5. Damn like I had doubts……they should have just given you the money at the beginning of the competition forget about everything else. I enjoyed the 72 hour madness though, lets do it again real soon, lol.

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