New and improved DIWire Bender

The DIWire bender we saw last summer made its way to Maker Faire this year with a new and improved version that is now able to bend steel even more accurately than the previous aluminum-bending version.

I chatted up [Marco Perry] (above, obviously), and he explained a new feature of the DIWire bender that makes soldering or welding creations made out of CNC bent wire even easier. The new machine features a sharpie that precisely marks where the wire should be welded.

The folks behind the DIWire – Pensa – have a ton of really cool wire sculptures at their booth at Maker Faire, quite incidentally within spitting distance of Hackaday’s Red Bull booth. Be sure to check them out if you’ve got a chance.


  1. Zee says:

    No action video?

  2. rockets4kids says:

    Seriously. You *cannot* post a video about some talking about is cool wire bender without posting said wire bender in action.

  3. rockets4kids says:

    and, finally, I found my favorite:

  4. Andrew Hooper says:

    blablabla… we bend wire!!!!!
    Prove It… surely there is a video of their bender at work.

  5. Pensa says:

    Here’s a video of our first DIWire at work:

    We don’t have a video of the 2.0 yet, but it should be coming soon!

  6. Andrew says:

    Thank you very much, Pensa! Will you Update the step by step instructions?

    Thanks a Lot :)

  7. Andrew says:

    Hey! Thank you for your answer! Is the new version very different? I would love to start but Parts are so expensive that it would be great to know if 2.0 is an upgrade or a different machine. Maybe you also found cheaper steppers?

    Really looking forward to my build :))

    • Pensa says:

      It’s not very different. It’s more of an upgrade, with stronger motors and different materials. You can really use any stepper you want that fits into your budget. Hope that helps!

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