Ask Hackaday: What to do with a home intercom system?

[Kyle] just moved into a new home, a 1970s abode that was very modern for its time. When the house was built, a home intercom system was installed. Of course this intercom system was eventually disconnected, but now [Kyle] would like to find a use for it.

The intercom system is a wonderful piece of engineering from the late 60s and early 70s. The base station has an FM radio, a mono input (for plugging in a turntable, we suppose), and a huge speaker. The satellite units – one for each room in the house – are much simpler with just a push to talk switch and a volume control. Yes, in classic minimalist style, the engineers for this intercom system used the speaker as a microphone.

[Kyle] would like to keep the wonderful plastic fantastic aesthetic of the intercom system, but he’s looking for something cool to do with this hardware. ┬áThis could be the beginnings of a very cool, very strange house-wide artificial intelligence build, kind of like a consumer version of HAL 9000. We’re interested in hearing what you’d do with [Kyle]’s hardware, so leave your ideas in the comments.

98 thoughts on “Ask Hackaday: What to do with a home intercom system?

  1. i have a unit the is from 1990 low voltage connects all the speakers and the unit at the front door.. is there some way to use my old cellphones as connections to all the rooms.. or use the low voltage wiring to make a cell phone charger in each room?

  2. Guys,

    I got an innovative ideas towards intercom i will want to know if it can be implemented.

    I am thinking of how one can possibly attache intercom signal to a satellite receiver such as DSTV, Star time, GOTV e.t.c so as to enable users to connect their telephone to their satellite receiver in other to make intercom calls to persons connected to the same satellite receiver with their telephone in other locations such as regions or states. Their will be a central server as the intercom station that will control and assign numbers to the various telephones using the service.

    Can this be implemented?

    here is mail mail please I need your explanation on how this can be done

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