Half Rack Effect Stand

half rackhalf rack

Reader David Kristian was annoyed with having to use a full table or other object to support his half-rack effect when playing gigs. Laying the box flat made it impossible to read or tweak the device. He ended up with this mini-tripod. Replacing the pan lock screw and adding a suction cup foot created a really elegant solution. It gives a good viewing angle and it’s easy to pick up and take with you.

9 thoughts on “Half Rack Effect Stand

  1. Maybe as an upgrade to the suction cup, and to make it a little more universal, one could make or modify something similar to the music holder part of one of those folding music stands.
    Or maybe just a folding “X” shape with little nubs at the bottom for the box rest on.

    You really have something there. Nicely done!

  2. Saw this and I finnally realized how to utilize my alarm clock. I just epoxyed a nut on the bottom of the clock and used the tripod that came with my digital camera. Works well

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