Linux Running On PalmOne’s LifeDrive


I am amazed at how quickly Alex from hackndev was able to get Linux running on the LifeDrive. It looks like the majority of the work only spanned 2 weeks. The Linux system is started using Garux a bootloader that you run in the Palm OS. Garux unloads Palm OS from memory and boots the Linux kernel in its place. Alex has published GPE binaries of Familiar Linux that should be really simple to use. The touchscreen works, but since suspend isn’t working yet it’s still not practical as a stand alone environment.

[thanks andy]

25 thoughts on “Linux Running On PalmOne’s LifeDrive

  1. Grayskies,

    later that afternoon I installed linux on my cat. There are ample keyboard drivers for this install. Except now he’s got terrible gas. Looking for a hack to take care of that.

    Any help?


  2. Hey, i am apart of the organization LOAAOOA, linux on animals and other objects association. I have been involved for about half a year, and i am very excited to hear of your new linux ports to animals, your actions will be recorded (not really).

  3. I don’t know why everybody is trying to install linux on their pets. I installed it on a potato no problem. Best part is the potatoe provides it’s own powersource (Google potatoe batteries). I call my distributions, “Chips!”.


  4. #14, uninstall the joker cards, they have a known incompatibility with linux. But you’ll get a stack error because the configuration is expecting 54 cards – 52 card deck with 2 jokers. Make sure to change the line “STACK_LEN=54” to “STACK_LEN=52” in your kernel config. then recompile. works for me.

  5. all this talk about pets and food makes me wanna go to the bathroom, hmmmm what a novel idea, a toilet paper roll running linux!!! this calls for serious “emergency” multitasking… just make sure you uninstall the sheets and change the kernell config before usage… we dont want to scare the shit out of the kernel and make it panic do we… any tips???

  6. Linux works on the better half, You just always have to use the sudo command to get “root” privileges. Back to reality. I have put linux on my wrt54gl, nslu2, PPC Mac, PC Pentium I-IV, Amd k1-2, Amd Turon.

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