Hacking The Commodore 64 DTV Version 2


The original C64 DTV was a joystick containing 30 games sold in 2004. It attracted hackers because it could be modified into a fully functioning console. The latest version of the chip is being sold inside a Radio Shack Hummer game. This version fixes bugs in the original and adds several features to improve memory access and CPU speed. Before you get started there are several modifications that need to be done to improve the video and audio quality of the system. Once these mods are complete you can start playing with the machine just like an original C64. Oh, the Hummer game will look a lot better too.

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  1. #3 goto radioshack.com type in hummer in the search box.
    Amazingly enough it will return some items one of which is the item in question for $19.97

    Quote from above: “The latest version of the chip is being sold inside a Radio Shack Hummer game”

  2. This is one of the cooliest mods out there I have a V1 I have hacked and works great, color is a little funny but works awesome, and has some of the best games ever creadted in the 8bit world included.

  3. The Hummer is only sold in North America but for those in Europe and Oceania there is a second generation C64 DTV that shares the same core as the Hummer. You can find more information, including where you can buy the DTV from http://www.toylobster.com/toylobsterweb/products_c64.htm and if your idea of fun is hacking toys into retro computers, drop by the DTVHacking forum at http://jledger.proboards19.com/index.cgi where you’ll find lots more info.

  4. Looks like radioshack.com has them for about $20 Not bad for a few weekends of retro fun. As soon as the American version Flash software is fixed, it could actually be a usefull system.

  5. Ah yes, but the board in this is quite small, and it uses very little power. One could concievable make it into some sort of portable system. although, it would still be quite a bit bigger than a psp

  6. Where is this site for hacking the C64DTV pal, I can only find the site for the hummer unit.
    I have a C64DTV with a board version EL-C64A2 – 2005/jun/24 . All the sites I find for hacking seem to have a board with a slightly different layout. Please help. I want to hack!

  7. Hi, i am new at this thing called C64DTV(with emulator) and i’ve notice there’s not a good example how to going from Hires to text mode!
    it frustrates me to no end!
    i like to see a good programming example of that in BASIC! of course you can do it in Asm language too.

    Thanks a bunch.

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