Saturday Morning Extra

Storage element keychain. Allright, it’s cool, but almost criminal.

Hack a wireless doorbell into a remote relay. It’s allright, but I like the Mr. House + APRS tracking better.

[Josh and PsychoRNGD] both sent in the mindstorm NXT laser hack (Replace the LED in a light unit with a laser pointer diode)

Matt sent along his XBox 180. I dig it just because it gets rid of all those friggin wires.

[XanTium] points out that MS’s latest drive in the 360 takes things to a few extremes to block firmware hacking.

[Mike] let us know that after all the grief he got here, he built an aux to female ipod cable for his sound-dock. (He got his femal ipod connector from Ridax, but Sparkfun now carries a surface mount version)

You guys sent in some great tips this week. Keep em comin. I’ve been busy, but I’m going to hunt down the floating ads and get them taken care of.

12 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Extra

  1. Still got the floating ads here.

    The doorbell idea is cute. Always good to have an uber simple way of accomplishing a simple task.

    Good article on the sounddock too… though no matter how much you hack it, it will still be a piece of bose trash. (No highs, no lows, must be bose.)

    Anyway, another day of good hack a day!

  2. sodium hydroxide* will remove the black stuff from the chip** for the xbox. chloroform may also work***.

    * don’t get it on yourself!
    ** i’m assuming it’s epoxy
    *** don’t use in an enclosed space!

  3. I’ve thought many times about making keychains out of various pieces of hardare. CPUs, old sticks of ram (like SIMMs, which are smaller), and even various parts of hard drives I’d torn apart, like the read head assembly. The thing that stopped me each and every time was the fact that all of these things have *sharp edges*. Why would somebody want to attach something to their keys that has the potential to cut their hand when they reach into their pocket? As geekily-cool as it might look, it’s just not worth it IMO.

    (Computer jewelery, on the other hand, is in a league of it’s own ;) I braided the green/whitegreen, orange/whiteorange, and blue/whiteblue pairs from a cat5 cable once to make a bracelet for my girlfriend. Certain other things are nice to hang from necklaces, etc)

  4. hey guys! i have a problem that need a bit of advise on. I have a psp that was updated to firmware v2.80 and it can’t play any copied games or homebrew. How can i get it to work or downgrade to an earlier firmware that will allow me to play emulator games???

  5. That Bose Sounddock adapter that “Mike” put together is potentially dangerous for the Sounddock and absolutely nothing to recommend! Besides, I made a safe Bose Sounddock adapter before that, which I guess inspired him to find out how to do it.

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