Creepy Robot Really Wants Money…

As technology advances forward so does the numerous ways to beg for money. [Chris Eckert] has developed a robot to do the deed for him.  With an odd  eye mounted on the top of the robot to invoke pity presumably and a tin can out front to collect change from people it may encounter this is quite the hobo robot.  On his build log, you’ll find tons of great pictures of the entire process from start to finish.  With robots sent to beg people for money, it is only a matter of time until the first squeegee robot is cleaning your car at a red light.  Make sure to check out the video after the break.


Via [BotJunkie]

14 thoughts on “Creepy Robot Really Wants Money…

  1. I love the concept, When you going make it move around? That would look awesome rolling around at a Halloween party! The moving Eye and shaking cup really make the project AWESOME! Great Work!

  2. It just needs some money for the bus. Or it ran out of gas. Or it needs some money to pay for its diabetes medicine. Damn robohobos, takin’ advantage of my generosity/fear of robots.

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