How To Setup A Hackerspace From Someone Who’s Done It Before

We just got a tip from [PT] that a seven part series on how to start a Hackerspace will be posted this week. The blog over at Adafruit will be publishing one installment a day. Right now the introduction (linked above) and volume 1 are available. This covers what a Hackerspace is and who you might attract to help you get started. Tomorrow’s installment covers requirements you have to meet, which we assume delves into tax status (what you have to do to get 501c3 non-profit status) and financial reporting. But we’ll have to wait and see to know for sure.

The series is written by [Eric Michaud]. He founded HacDC in Washington, D.C. and Pumping Station: One in Chicago. He also helps others by consulting on startup spaces and embodies a wealth of knowledge on the topic.

If you’re area doesn’t yet have its own Hackerspace read this along with your buddies and see if you’ve got what it takes to get one going.

interesting fact: The hackaday logo is one of the watermarks in the lining of the hackerspace passport.