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    1. There was no link provided. Here is the full text of the submission:

      Hey guys, I wanted to use my old xbox controllers with my pc but I
      didn’t want to cut the wires on the cords because I still use my old
      xbox every day with xbmc.. However I DON’T EVER use the 3rd and 4th
      controller slots.. Knowing that old xbox controllers are just USB
      devices with an extra yellow wire you can omit, I took apart my xbox,
      and removed the secondary controller port module and hot glued it to a
      front panel pop out I wasn’t using on my pc. I did a real hack job with
      the cutouts for the ports but I was rushing it freehand.. after
      soldering and heat shrinking the wires to their corresponding wires on
      an internal usb connector wire I attached it to my motherboard and
      booted it up.

      It takes some effort to get the drivers working in windows as XBCD is
      outdated and unsigned but following Kitor’s instructions from
      http://kitor.pl/software/xbcd.html I was able to set my windows install
      to load in testmode every boot and testsigned the drivers.

      In Ubuntu it worked out of the box with the xpad kernel driver though I
      suppose that would depend on what controller you plug into your
      computer.. alternatlively http://pingus.seul.org/~grumbel/xboxdrv/
      provides more configuration options.

      This is the perfect low cost repurpose project for a steambox :)

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