Hackerspace Happenings: Santa Barbara Hackerspace Moving

Occasionally we get a few tips on our hotline telling us of hackerspace happenings. Either a space is moving, they need some help to install a moat around the space, or there’s a mini-conference of weird and esoteric technology happening sometime soon. The latest such tip is from the Santa Barbara Hackerspace. They’re moving, the new space doesn’t have a leaky roof, and they’re looking for some people to help out.

The new space features necessary hackerspace upgrades like no carpet, 120, 220, and 440 Volt outlets, actual parking, and a non-leaky roof. You can get by with a leaky roof in Santa Barbara, but having a roof that doesn’t have holes in it is always a bonus.

Add this to the space’s existing battery of equipment – everything from laser cutters, bandsaws, and welders to oscilloscopes, an amateur radio station, and a forge and anvil, there’s a lot anyone can do in this space.

4 thoughts on “Hackerspace Happenings: Santa Barbara Hackerspace Moving

  1. Good luck with the move.
    Our makerspace has been through similar hardships.

    Im going to plug southlondonmakerspace.com
    Weve had to line out a leaky railway arch.
    As property is soooo expensive around London.
    And we had to build a floor let alone paint it to make it look pretty.
    We had our opening on Wednesday and are now open for business.

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