add rss feeds to series 1 and series 2 tivos

rss on tivo

i’ll be adding an entire section on tivo hacking, but for now, here’s a cool hack to display rss feeds on your series 1/2 tivo. just grab the tivo control station and this hack and you’re good to go.


  1. This is cool. However, I am unsure how it works for series 2 since series is can’t be hacked like series 1.

    Please show me the way :-)

  2. b00mer says:

    I would be interested in knowing as well.

  3. Josh says:

    Another way to skin the same cat on Series 2 boxen (at least, its a bit more elegant as it works seamlessly with HMO) is JavaHMO 2.0… now in beta, it supports RSS feeds, weather, stock prices, local cinema movie times, and a whole bunch more:

  4. Deaf says:

    This is kinda interesting… This should be an close caption display on the television… which it called rss or not.. The frequency must sent it to whatever the hardware is and display on the television.. is that what’s “RSS” is? I will look up in this links and googling it… And hack in close caption hardware.. (old hardware) and even in new television… Anyway.

    Keep up the good hack!

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