overclocking a mac mini

mac mini overclocked

here it is folks.  the first overclocked mac mini.

“I have settled on 1.42GHz speed for my original 1.25GHz Mac mini.  1.5GHz settings gave me some glitches in Xbench Altivec routines and very weird behaviour at 1.58GHz”

some may say 6%.  i say rock on!


  1. josh belzer says:

    i win

  2. Paul says:

    6%? are we using the same calculator?

  3. Calsat says:

    Try 13.6%?

  4. “6%? are we using the same calculator?”

    dang. here i thought i could slide one past you. the 6% was from the article and refers to overclocking the faster 1.42Ghz machine to 1.5Ghz.

    a frenzied post, missing context, and total shame on me and my family. i need more information to answer your other question, though. mine’s a ti-85. :)

  5. Tavor says:

    Perhaps with some upgraded cooling, he might be able to get a better overclock. First watercooled Mac Mini, anyone?

  6. Pleaze. This beats some dude in a ski mask installimg a solar panel!

  7. Bung Deetle says:

    I hear if you get errors if your ti-85 overclocke too much.

  8. is there anybody out there yet with a 1.42-to-1.5 upgrade success story? let’s hear about it. heck, let’s hear your disaster stories too. we need to pay the proper respect to any minis that die in the line of duty.

  9. Johnny says:

    He mentions some 5th resistor that allows for speeds higher than 1.58… somebody find it!

  10. Macphile says:

    Is it really worth saving $50 to void your warranty? Yes, the price difference between the two is $100, but the 1.42 comes with the 80GB drive, which is an extra $50 if you get the 1.25. So functionally, the 1.42 is only $50 more than the 1.25.

    I’d rather keep my warranty, thanks. :-)

    (And what’s with comments being converted to all lower-case?)

  11. Holly says:

    Dude, there is almost always a cheaper way, but hacking is not about saving money its about the beauty of pushing the envelop, breaking through barriers and discovering new things.

  12. herrstabby says:

    don’t forget counter-culture! hacking is an excellent way to set oneself apart from the herd

  13. CDE says:

    What about setting oneself apart from the nerds?

  14. abbibi says:

    I think the higher speeds (1.5 & 1.58) might work with a Peltier thermoelectric device inside. Or the error might be comming from another chip that would need to be overclocked too. Any thoughts?

    If you don’t know what a Peltier device is, and feel like educating youself, check out this page: http://www.marlow.com/faq.htm

  15. David Ray says:

    Thanks for the hack! I did this one yesterday and tossed in a 7200 rpm 60 Gig hitachi Travelstar. What can I say, my Mac Mini smokes….

    I did find that 1.5 gigaherz seems very stable this far. The only thing I thought your hack lacked is a method for removing the smt resisters(damn they are small.). I tried using braid from a piece of coax (desoldering braid) without luck. I also opted not to remove them with a razor knife or smash them with small dikes. I have done this in the past to open up ham radio’s so they can operate in MARS/CAP frequencies.

    What worked well for me was using a low wattage pencil tip iron to heat up one side of the pad. Once the solder liquified, I used the tip of the iron to gently push the resistor up. A jewlers flat bladed screwdriver work well to remove the other side of the resistor from the pad.

  16. Sam says:

    Hey, leo has now posted a bit of info about some swedish chaps who have successfully overclocked their 1.42 to 1.5, with no unstability.
    Does everyone realise that the 1.42 comes with a more robust and effective heat sink than the 1.25? Well, as soon as my warranty expires I’ll be overclocking my 1.25, but just to 1.42. I’ll do it at the same time as I install a 7200 HDD. They’ll be common by the time my warranty expires!!.

  17. Kaine says:

    i just made my 1.42 Ghz into a 1.5 Ghz and it works most most excellent

  18. Tony Hansson says:

    Yep, my 1.33 works at 1.67


    Cognitive AB, Stelvio Bokföring Lön Ekonomi för Macintosh

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