Ipod Photo Stereoscope

ipod stereoscope

this hack instantly reminded me of looking at stereo images at grandma’s house when i was a kid, and though it’s been all over the net today, i know how absolutely everyone here loves ipod hacks so much

19 thoughts on “Ipod Photo Stereoscope

  1. I think this is the most dissapointing blog as of yet on Hack a Day :'( it’s hardly a hack, it seems that ppl think this is soooooo amazing, matter of fact this has been shown on many a blog sites today and it is unlike hackaday to recycle old crap… which is what this is…

    Sorry to rant but i hope others feel the same and the hype about an iPod photo stereoscope is lame, infact it would be a lot cooler if sum1 got 2 iRivers and player a stereoscope movie <-- now there's a real hack :) -=Maurik=-

  2. OH Shut UP Maurik…

    This hack (and yea it is a hack for all u idiots out there.) is totally awsome…..

    granted it isnt what we normally see but, still it is some thing totally koo that u can do with ur ipod.

  3. I agree. The last couple days of hack a day posts have been articles I already read (or skipped past) on engadget. Its ok to cross post if you have a lot of articles going around, but if you only update once a day, lets see somthing new.

  4. I also agree with that somewhat the past few werent very good but they have had good stuff in the past so I ussaly come back once a day to see what they got, at least they are trying to keep up with a hack a day yah I bet its hard and its kinda obvious it cant always be good hacks everyday.

  5. i personally think it’s cool. i really could give a flying fig if i see a hack/idea/project on multiple sites… that is the nature of good ideas – they get spread around. what if eng/hackaday is not the first to post it – jeez, the world still turns. it’s good information, and fun, and guaranteed many folks have not seen it yet. the audience size of this blog is enormous – it can’t possibly be all things to all people. you want to see fresh hacks? go and make some and submit a tip, already!

    yeesh. do something positive for a change instead of tearing down everybody else’s work for not being the strong/fastest/newest/ubercoolest whatever.

  6. Hey, Hack-A-Day, you’re great. Keep up the excellent daily posts and ignore the critics.

    If I were running this site, I would probably go the fascist route and delete unkind comments that add absolutley nothing to the discussions about each hack. They add noise to the signal and lessen the usefulness and positive experience for those of us who are into the site, just as it stands.

    For those of you bringing down the quality in this fashion: rather than sling complaints about how hack-a-day is not up to par, why not start your own hack-per-minute site and show us all how it’s done?

  7. As a former whiner about ipod hacks, I LIKE THIS, it’s just plain fun for those of us who remember a non digital age. I’d just like to say, I have no problem with an ipod hack, it just seemed a bit back everyday was ipod day, i’m glad to see all the goodies are back.

  8. I think you all need to remember what hacking is.. alot of people say this site is full of people playing around with hardware “Most stuff is nothing more than playing around with hardware” Well just to clear this up Hacking is “The use of software or hardware in a function not intended for it’s use” thats all ive ever herd hacking being called and exactly how its always seemed. hack a day is dam awsome keep up the work guys!

  9. damn player haters… prepare for your online bitch slap!!

    people get way way way too into flaming people on the internet. if you dont like it then look away… theres no need to give the guy a hard time about this article.

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