hackaday announcement

4 posts in one day is unheard of for us. But I wanted to give some info concerning tomorrow’s hackaday meetups.

For Philadelphia, PA:
If you enter the park where the corner is at 18th and Walnut (where Barnes and Noble is) and walk straight down to the other corner/exit, I’ll be over there. It’s shady and nice and a good place to meet.

[x04d] posted a link to the google maps location in the comments.
  Here it is.

We’ll be documenting the hell out of this via camera/camcorders/etc. I obviously
cannot host and do this so someone coming will have to (thanks in advance!)

Now heres the most important part:

If you’re hosting a hackaday meetup, post the info on it in the comments in this post.
Only in this post. Post your location, time, your name, info, etc. I’ll post it tomorrow in the official meetup thread. Also, please reply to the comments letting me know if you’re going to be at a meetup. Just simply say:

“Ill be there! – Philadelphia, PA” (or whichever city)

Simple enough. That lets me tally up results for when I post tomorrow afternoon.
I hope to see lots of people at the meetup. I’ll be disappointed if in all of philadelphia, I see 5 people come.

Don’t forget, Scott from TUAW will be there too!


  1. kedge says:

    If you can’t host the video, can you at least host a torrent file?

  2. Conditionz3r0 says:

    Im not hosting one but i wanted to kno if there is anything anywhere near Memphis Tn

  3. Jesse_vd says:

    he meant he can’t host the meet and film everything at the same time…i think

  4. Mike Hogg says:

    Hey is there anything going on in southern california ? If so count me in!

  5. x04d says:

    Well, the main problem with the meeting is the web itself. Hackaday.com must has few thousands hits per day, however, how % of them are from PA.US? Personnaly, i’am from Quebec, Canada, and a friend of mine daily check the site from Hong-Kong. You guys must do the same thing as 2600 – do a meeting each month, even if the few first ones do not have a lot of people. It’ll get bigger and bigger each time. Or maybe you should put a poll on the index page with something: ”Would you come to a hackaday meeting in PA, US, next month? -> with options like 1) yes 2) I’am from PA, so maybe 3) Sorry, i’am out from PA” and see what the result would be.

    Anyway, this website owns and I sincerely wish you guys a great meeting, even if i’am 995 km away from ”18th and walnut sts philadelphia, pa” according to Google Maps ^_^

  6. xSmurf says:

    x04d, Wow I’m not the only Quebecer around here?
    Or maybe these guys could pay for a few round trip tickets, anyone? ;)

  7. AkumuKun says:

    Hack a Day/2600 Monthly Meeting
    Hosted by: AkumuKun and DeadCell
    GZN-YQM (Ground Zero Networks Moncton)
    Moncton, NB, Canada
    Saturday, July 16th @ 8PM


    Contact: akumukun[NOSPAM]gmail.com

  8. whirlyman says:

    I only have two classes a week…at night…and you had to schedule a meetup during an exam. I live in NJ and would come otherwise…

    (Can’t wait to hear about the CVS hack!)

  9. Brandon says:

    hack-a-day meeting #1 ‘beta’

    Ill be there! – Philadelphia, PA

    …early (possibly the only attendee)

  10. THEDUDE says:

    hey theres a lot of ppl from quebec i’m from montreal any1 from montreal ?

  11. alex says:

    are there any folks in ny (who live in the boroughs) who are interested in getting a meetup started?

  12. Sosha says:

    HackaDay Meeting(beta) Nairobi, Kenya. At Eataries, Kenya Cinema Plaza on 17th June from 6pm! Infor to dzez2003@gmail.com

  13. deadtoaster says:

    I agree with #1 just host a torrent file so people can download it and it wont use up all of your bandwidth.

  14. Hampus Adler says:

    Is there anyone in Sweden here?

  15. jERE says:

    I live in Connecticut and would come but I’ve got finals all week and train tickets aren’t exactly cheap. Let me know if anyone is doing anyhting up New York way.

  16. mobilexile says:

    anyone in minneapolis interested in starting up regular meetings ? ? ?

  17. johndoe says:

    I’m going to try to make it to the Philly meeting.

  18. eleongonzales says:

    Hey if there is anyone in VA that reads this site im having some people over on friday after work to show them how to use their xbox controllers for pc gaming and possibly work on getting some headset support. I have a call in with CVS and they are going to hold some of their next shippment of camcorders for me (Should be tonight or tommorrow morning). Vince can you post any leads on the CVS hack? (what materials involved…) I’d like to try and get some stuff ready for when you post the hack.

  19. eleongonzales says:

    Oh and one more thing, depending on the size of the file i can probably host it on some .edu server space, just let me know.

  20. Priest says:

    anyone in florida :)

  21. Dan says:

    I’ll be there – Philadelphia (with 10-15 friends)

    Also, that map points to 18th and walnut, isn’t where you’re talking about the southwest corner of the square?

    more like here:


  22. egl says:

    I live about an hour from Philly, and I’d really like to attend. But the meeting coincides with a rather appealing local poker tournament. So, there’s about a 50% chance I’ll be there.

  23. paUl says:

    sorry i can’t host one, but kansas city, mo would be a nice place for one

  24. tired says:

    texas anyone?

  25. People, dont worry about the video files, etc! Concentrate on the meetings here, not discussions!

    So far 3 different countries, WOW!

    Im very happy. We’ll be getting stickers to give out soon even if I pay out of pocket <3

    Come on people, network! We need meetings to be public!

  26. Meico Tenkawa says:

    I can host one in des moines, Iowa if there is anyone else in iowa….

  27. meico,

    post information! that way people know its on! be sure to keep it in a public area too like 2600. repost with where it will be held! same to all of you!

  28. ccrook says:

    I can probably donate some bandwidth towards hosting the video, but I’m not going to be able to make the philly one.

  29. chris says:

    Paul: Add me to potential KCMO meet. I work downtown but live up north.

  30. su_root says:

    looking for some peeps in miami, fl area. im willing to host if i can just find some people.

  31. Meico Tenkawa says:

    Des Moines IA, Jordan Creek Mall, Tues 21 at 6:30pm (time is very flexable), Main Food Court.

  32. Porto Alegre, Brazil anyone?

  33. AMIR says:

    I will host a meetup if i can find willing participants in the Austin, Tx area. Let me know by email. zenofex@gmail.com -Amir-

  34. mknisely says:

    I’m in central ohio and would like to either host or start up a hackaday meeting.

    Also, I’ll host a seed if we are torrenting the video. I’ve got access to over 3Mb up via my workplace and I’ll put it up on my Cable connection at home (only 300+Kb).

  35. anon says:

    oh man, this is an FBI raid waiting to happen.

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