POV Game System

pov tetris

Ah, yet another clever persistence of vision project. I think this is my favorite so far because of its interactive nature. Rickard provides the schematics and discusses some of the technical hurdles he encountered while putting this project together. All of the display and processing components are mounted to the rotating arm. The gamepad signal is transfered through ball bearings mounted on the shaft. He’s got it to play Tetris and Pong, display a clock and text from the serial port. It would be interesting to see a game that took advantage of the full 360 degree display; maybe an infinite side scroller. If you’re looking for a commercial POV game system you should read up on how the Virtual Boy worked.

[thanks kolwon]

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Hackaday Announcement

4 posts in one day is unheard of for us. But I wanted to give some info concerning tomorrow’s hackaday meetups.

For Philadelphia, PA:
If you enter the park where the corner is at 18th and Walnut (where Barnes and Noble is) and walk straight down to the other corner/exit, I’ll be over there. It’s shady and nice and a good place to meet.

[x04d] posted a link to the google maps location in the comments.
  Here it is.

We’ll be documenting the hell out of this via camera/camcorders/etc. I obviously
cannot host and do this so someone coming will have to (thanks in advance!)

Now heres the most important part:

If you’re hosting a hackaday meetup, post the info on it in the comments in this post.
Only in this post. Post your location, time, your name, info, etc. I’ll post it tomorrow in the official meetup thread. Also, please reply to the comments letting me know if you’re going to be at a meetup. Just simply say:

“Ill be there! – Philadelphia, PA” (or whichever city)

Simple enough. That lets me tally up results for when I post tomorrow afternoon.
I hope to see lots of people at the meetup. I’ll be disappointed if in all of philadelphia, I see 5 people come.

Don’t forget, Scott from TUAW will be there too!

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The Best Of WIN

As you may–or may not–know, the blog you are now reading belongs to the Weblogs, Inc. Network (WIN).

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Hackaday Lazy Afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

whew! way to beat the heat by reading us on a lazy afternoon like this! I hope everyone shows up to our hackaday meetup tomorrow dressed properly and with water (no goth clothing. too hot)!

Yes, meetings will be filmed (our philly one at least) and we’ll later be providing the video for all who missed out to download and watch. see? we have <3s too. now before i run off and do calculus, let me explain something.

The CVS camcorder. I’ve got it rigged up USB and plugged into my Mac/Linux/whatever. It is not recognized which sucks. But, by holding down the record and delete keys while booting up, you get a system info menu. This reveals only a little (but some) information about the camcorder. It’s probably helpful to some people. Thursday at the meeting we’ll discuss how to get it rigged up with proper device drivers, etc. I’ve been talking with some people about getting DD out there because they’re needed. This isn’t as easy as all of us thought it would be!

In other news today, PSP 1.5 firmware is now open and “cracked”. You can run homebrew apps on your PSP finally. Check it out here.

The poor man’s U2 iPod has now been made. It’s basically throwing the U2 stuff on a regular old 30gb iPod. Cool none the less. I like the U2 iPod’s look a lot. [francis]

This is pretty cool too. It’s been around for awhile but it’s a full out project that deserves some recognition. It’s a MMOG version of GTA. Lotta C++ skill there. [xrosesxarexdeadx]

Your lazy afternoon hack: Beat the heat with a homemade air conditioner

I’ve gotten about 20 e-mails about homemade air conditioners and what not. So thanks to everyone sending them in to beat the heat. Ghetto-esque, but looks pretty cheap and effective. It’s done by shoving tons of ice water in a trash can, hooking it up to a fan to take in all the warm air and transfer the heat to the water. Then all warm water is pumped outside to…well, get rid of it. He says it cost $30 CAD to make so that’s not too bad at all. Someone try it out and let us know how it goes. You obviously must be pretty hot, but hey, if I hadn’t gotten this free A/C from my aunt/uncle, I would be building one of these in 5 seconds in my kitchen. Very nice.

Thanks [steve]

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