Hackaday links

I’ve used coral cache for anything I thought might go down. You can always remove the .nyud.net:8090 if there are problems.

[daguuy]‘s Portable N64
USB to RS-232 dongle, circa 2003, there are probably cheaper versions now [Omega-x]
Ambigram generator [tX]
Search engine for free code [Caleb Jones]
Speech recognition circuit [M@RK]
Make a solar cell [plain old adam]
Molex pin removers [Omega-x]
Water heater sized subwoofer [GRimo]
OSX in your browser [Voteccow]
Bubble torch [Omega-x]
PS2 on/off with door chime [digitalFX]
Dual boot OSX/XP [XyTec]
Ghetto PC [J to the D]
[Tea Vui Huang] Podcast to AMR converter for mobile phones
The kernel in color [angrygoatface]
[53tab5] has built a couple of these line follower ‘bots before
[Bill Dudley] decided to get on the modified FM transmitter bandwagon
TV in your drive bay [dama9ed]
Rockbox open source firmware for your Archos [vor]
If you missed [mark]‘s comment yesterday, here is Ben & Jerry’s Flash thermoacoustics presentation

Thanks for hookin’ a brotha’ up!


  1. ry says:

    that sub looks yummy.. and that pc is definitly ghetto-ized. *nod*

  2. Captsnuffy says:

    wow, the PS2&Xbox in one case that the dude in the PS2 doorbell link is awesome.

    Ghetto pc is um… dope… yo.

    how do people solder those tiny SMT componets like the ones on the usb-rs232 dongle? i’d say that it’d be impossible to do with a regular iron.

  3. Captsnuffy–I think they do have special mini-irons. The guy at the computer repair shop mentioned it (Me and Pa tried to fix my brother’s laptop by ourselves…it eventually arced and I felt like a dumbass.).

  4. precisionentropy says:

    and i thought they were “for tobacco use only”. Who knew your local head shop had the major components for a high-temp blowtorch? seriously though, your average water pipe would be perfect for the bubbletorch.

  5. toaster says:

    That bubble torch is awesome, I might have to try and make one of thoes.

  6. daguuy says:

    i noticed that link to my portable N64 doesn’t work, here’s the real one: http://www.freewebs.com/daguuy/m64.htm

  7. Bucky says:

    Could somebody explain the “OSX in your browser” link? Is this supposed to be some sort of web-based OS X interface with web-based apps, or is this just a fancy interface for a website about a special version of OS X?

  8. togi says:

    sorry to disappoint you, it’s just a fancy interface.

  9. strider_mt2k says:

    I respect the effort of the USB dongle, but man is that thing huge!
    They are pocket-sized now!

    Still a very nice way to demonstrate the concept, however.
    A built-it-yourself USB to Serial dongle would be an awesome educational project on so many levels.

  10. dm14 says:

    Bunch of fat, lazy kids can’t even get their asses up to push the on/off button on their PS2? Wonderful…

  11. fucter says:

    I dont know why nobody mentioned the line follower robots, they are friggin’ cool, im gonna make one next week. super cool shit, as always thanks for the links guys, eliot, hackaday and weblogs inc..

  12. Indigent says:

    That molex connector link seems to be dead or broken, so I didn’t get to see what they suggest using for pin removers.
    For the pins inside of the larger power connectors (i.e. to a hard drive), I use the straws off of CapriSun juices. They are the perfect size, and since I am friggin addicted to Red Berry, I have a large surplus of them on my floor. hehe.

  13. calgar says:

    anyone have a mirror of the bubble torch and/or the portable n64, gah i hate freewebs, and bravenet

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